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How Opposition, Soros Gang, and Anti-Modi Ecosystem may actually be gifting PM Modi his ‘Third Term’


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Who do you think are the fiercest critics of PM Modi? You may think of Indian opposition parties, the so called Lutyens media, liberal-secular cabal, George Soros led western and leftist ecosystem. All these anti-Modi elements are trying their best to dethrone Modi by hook or crook, but they are not understanding that their acts have turned them against the India, and the potential repercussions may led to another rout of opposition in 2024.

We have seen how Rahul Gandhi has given anti-India lectures at Cambridge University, where he not only criticized PM Modi for destroying the architecture of India, but also declared that India has lost the democracy. We have witnessed the direct involvement of Western and Leftist ecosystem and their efforts to destabilize the Indian Economy. Who can forget the way India was treated during COVID? How the George Soros led ecosystem funded the so called Farmer agitation and the recent attack on Adani group by a short seller Hindenburg group.

Who can forget how the opposition leaders such as Arvind Kejriwal, Mamata Banerjee, Chandrashekar Rao, or Nitish Kumar has started attacking PM Modi. The reason for such an attack is nothing but their own political ambitions of becoming the PM of India someday in the future. These leaders never shy away from any opportunity to ridicule PM Modi.

Rahul Gandhi has been consistent in attacking Modi. He has openly called him thief or Ambani-Adani agent. However he forgot that it was his nefarious campaign and direct attack on PM Modi, that cost the Congress its second straight national election in 2019. He also had to say sorry to the Supreme Court for originally attributing the line ‘chowkidar chor hai’ to the judges.

Nevertheless, Rahul didn’t soften his approach to Modi, the BJP and the RSS, hoping, in part, this was the way to pull the grand old party out of its existential crisis, a crisis that’s not only about endless poll defeats but was also triggered by a constant stream of brain drain and ever-lasting dissidence. But, Rahul has been consistent; his recent Cambridge lecture is a testimony.

Arvind Kejriwal did the same, but he learnt his lesson too way early. He is longer be calling PM Modi a psychopath, a word he used in fury when his office, the chief minister’s office, was raided by the CBI. But his wounds have only deepened with the arrest of Kejriwal’s second minister and his most trusted man, Manish Sisodia, by anti-corruption officials reporting to the Modi government.

Mamata Banerjee has also been a little careful, avoiding personal attacks like ‘Modi is insecure’ and even seeking to exonerate the prime minister from the charge that he personally misuses central agencies such as the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) against Opposition leaders to settle personal or political scores. However, like Kejriwal, Mamata remains a key anti-Modi political figure.

All these state and non-state actors are trying their best to ensure PM Modi’s defeat in 2024 when India votes to elect its new government. But the truth is so much far from it. Quite the contrary, actually. Let’s explore how.

As we know, all opposition leaders such as Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal, Rao, Nitish Kumar, and Mamata aspire to be the prime minister. That’s fair. But only one of them can do so, assuming Modi loses his re-election bid. But even for one of them to take the top office, they need to work together and not otherwise. the reality is, their ambitions are so strong that they cant come up under a single leadership, or allow the other one to take the baton of the collective opposition unity.

They talk about posing a united opposition, but in general elections and state elections, they all fight against each other, and that’s the reason why BJP clinches win after win in state elections. We have seen a similar trend in the general elections as well, where BJP was able to get majority on its own consecutively.

The western power or the so called deep state or ecosystem must understand that whenever they try to attack the India, by degrading its ratings, attacking its businesses, or spreading propaganda against India, it only works in the favor of Modi. All their acts are labelled as anti-national, and that gives a leverage to BJP to portray as if there is a grave threat is posing for India, and they are the only savior of the nation. Believe us, this message has been sent across the billions of Indians, and most of them are quite convinced with this idea, and thus they stand behind BJP and PM Modi.

2024 is still some distance away, and new alliances may emerge, as they often have, but right now, the BJP is smiling. And India’s fragmented political opposition or foreign ecosystem can misinterpret this smile only at its peril.


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