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Hindu student at NIT Srinagar slapped with ‘blasphemy’ case over an old video on Prophet Muhammad, attracts ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ threats from Radical Islamists


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Hundreds of students of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar took to the streets of Srinagar on Tuesday to protest against an allegedly blasphemous social media post against prophet Muhammad by a student of the institute.

The protests subsided after top officials of the institute assured action against the student and wrote to the police to initiate legal action against him. Police sources say that the accused student, a resident of Maharashtra had left the campus after the social media post.

However, now it has been learned that the accused NIT student named Prathmesh has been booked for alleged blasphemy after he shared a video of the son of the former Hamas chief criticizing the Prophet Muhammad. He had shared an old and already viral video of Mosab Hassan Yousef making critical comments about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad to his Instagram story.

The case has been registered against him under the IPC for promoting religious enmity between communities. Protests by local Kashmiri Muslim students were witnessed at many places in the Valley after the controversial video shared by the student went viral.

Even though an FIR has already been registered, protests and “Allahu Akbar”, “Labaik ya Rasoolallah”, and Sar tan se juda” sloganeering were reported at the Amar Singh and Islamia Colleges of Srinagar on Wednesday in addition to the online threats, harassment and calls for hanging the accused.

Speaking to the media, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kashmir V K Birdi confirmed that the institute wrote to the police to initiate legal action against the accused student.

“Today evening at around 4.30, we received information that some students are protesting at the NIT campus (in Srinagar). After initial investigation, it came to the fore that a student had posted some video on social media. It was not his own post but he had taken it from YouTube,” IGP Birdi said.

What was in that video?

While the video has been resurfaced on social media again, originally it is an 11-year-old video taken from a debate event held on March 15, 2012, at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles in the United States. Yousef was part of a panel comprising Imam Jihad Turk, Reverend Canon Brian Cox, and Rabbi Mark Diamond.

In the viral video, Mosab Hassan Yousef, the disowned son of a senior Hamas terrorist group leader Sheik Hassan Yousef speaking at a conference said, ” Let’s look at Prophet Muhammad’s life. Did he kill people? Yes. Did he marry a 9-year-old child? Yes, he did. Did he kill the Jewish community of Khyber because they did not give him the treasures? And did he have physical relations with Sophia the wife of Kinana the leader of that community the same night he killed her husband? Yes, he did. So where is the tolerance in that? I understand the Muslims are tolerant, But the real nature of Islam is Evil.”

Is Hindu student framed because of his relations with Muslim Girl?

Here we have got another theory, that the Hindu boy has been framed in this fake blasphemous case, because he has a clsoe relationship with a Muslim girl. The radical Islamists on X revealed the personal details of the Hindu student including his pictures along with his Kashmiri girlfriend.

The online bloodthirsty mob has been claiming that the Hindu youth lured the girl into the alleged “Bhagwa love trap”. As seen in many X posts, the online harassers blurred the pictures of the girl, however, deliberately revealed the Hindu youth’s face for fellow Islamists to identify him.

As reported earlier, Islamists on X have also launched a trend “#HangblasphmerPrathmeshNIT” demanding that the Hindu youth be hanged to death for an Instagram story.

NIT Srinagar declares winter vacation

NIT Srinagar declares winter vacation in middle of semester exams & tells students to vacate hostels with immediate effect after threat call from terrorists against Hindu students.

This is very unfortunate that how this Hindu boy from #NIT will be a marked man for life.

All this because he was dating a Muslim girl – the video of the Hamas leader’s son he shared was only an excuse. Instead of protecting this boy and his girlfriend, he has been booked – not the Jihadis screaming “Sar Tan Se Juda”.

The Muslim girl is receiving death threats too – being blamed for abetting blasphemy. There are people calling for her to be killed too – because she was dating a Hindu boy.

Everyone must take a stand for Prathamesh Shinde. He’s being haunted by the radical IsIamists, the college has already suspended him, and he has been booked by police as well.

Price he’s paying for being a Hindu and loving a Muslim girl, in a so called ‘Secular’ nation.


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