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Hindu festival in West Bengal: Muslim mob came out and attacked the houses of Hindus.


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The harmonious tapestry of India is intricately woven with diverse cultures, traditions, and festivals, each carrying its unique significance and fervor. However, the recent events that unfolded during a Hindu festival in West Bengal starkly contrast the essence of unity and tolerance that the country prides itself on.

In the midst of a joyous celebration, a Hindu festival in West Bengal turned into a nightmare for many as a Muslim mob unleashed a wave of violence, targeting and attacking the houses of Hindus. The sacred sanctity of the festivities was shattered as families faced terror and destruction, their homes ravaged, and their sense of security shattered.

What adds salt to the wounds of this horrifying ordeal is the alleged inaction of the authorities. Despite the escalating violence and distress calls, the police purportedly remained apathetic, turning a blind eye to the plight of the affected Hindus. The supposed guardians of law and order failed in their duty to protect and uphold justice, leaving the victims feeling abandoned and betrayed by the system.

Such incidents not only breed fear and animosity but also pose a severe threat to the social fabric and communal harmony that the nation strives to uphold. The fundamental right to celebrate one’s faith and traditions in peace has been violated, instilling a sense of insecurity among communities.


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