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Hijab Empowering Mullahs, Not Women


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Yes, Hijab is empowering. It empowers Mullahs, “Secular” political parties, Islamo-Marxist media and Advocates like Devdutt Kamat   Liberal Jama’at is lionising a burqa clad girl from Udupi braving a huge mob of “saffron shawl” waving Hindu fundamentalists. She is the new “Shero” for a section of media and social media. It sounds so similar to the Jamia Millia Islamia “Sheroes” of Barkha Dutt.

In less than 24 hours of turning them into Sheroes, the social media brought out all the skeletons from their digital cupboard. The downright bigot girls were exposed for their anti-Hindu hate-posts and seditious statements. In less than a week, the Communists of Kerala hooted them away when they criticised Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan. Similar unmasking of the “Hijabis of Udupi” is going on right now throughout the social media spaces. People are now pointing out a brutal truth. Look at the “Sheroes of Jamia” or the “Hijabis of Udupi”. They either bravely challenged the police or waded through a “violent mob” of Hindu boys. Nobody touched them. Nobody even went near them. Now imagine a single “saffron shawl” clad Hindu girl chanting Jai Shri Ram in the middle of a Muslim mob. Forget Pakistan or Bangladesh and imagine that is in India. The Muslim girls are famous. The imaginery Hindu girl doesn’t exist. If she were to exist, the mob would have made her non-existent. This explains the difference. The Muslim girls are Sheroes because the Delhi Police and the Udupi boys are the “Real Heroes”.

The Heroes behind the Sheroes didn’t harm the girls in any way. Nothing better exposes the paradox of our “Liberal ecosystem” than their reactions to the hijab controversy. The same liberal Jamaat rooted for the Rajasthan Government banning the “regressive and patriarchal” Hindu custom of “Ghoongat” and hailed it as women empowerment. Today, they call “hijab” a personal choice. Islamist-Marxist alliance is pumping steroids into the cauldron. They’re pouring “crude oil” into the fire instead of extinguishing it. Hijab is the new item in the “toolkit”. Creating a victim complex and driving more Muslim youth towards fundamentalism is the aim.

No wonder PM Modi called the Congress party as the leader of Tukde Tukde Gangs. Any controversy in India is incomplete without Malala Yousafzai poking her “Nobel nose” into it. “Wearing a burqa is like walking inside a big fabric shuttlecock with only a grill to see through and on hot days it’s like an oven.” This is what she had said about Burqa in her memoir “I am Malala”. Today, the Girl-child Education Warrior supports the girls who claimed, “Education is secondary. Religion is first priority.” Irony just committed suicide by suffocating itself inside a fabric shuttlecock oven. Congress Party has never tried to hide their “politics of appeasement” of Islamic hardliners.

Father Rajiv Gandhi overturned the Supreme Court verdict in the Shah Bano case and surrendered the fate of all the Muslim women to the extra-constitutional body called All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB). The party led by Rajiv’s son has promised to reinstate Triple Talaq if Congress comes back to power. But daughter Priyanka has gone to new levels of ridiculousness. She claimed, “Bikini, hijab or any kind of dress is a personal choice of woman. Nobody can dictate to her what she has to wear.” People with fertile imagination are caricaturing a bunch of girls wearing bikini in a school where Priyanka is the Principal. Nothing better exposes the paradox of our ‘liberal ecosystem’ than their reactions to the hijab controversy. The liberal jama’at rooted for the rajasthan government banning the ‘regressive and patriarchal’ hindu custom of ‘ghoongat’ and hailed it as women empowerment   The Hindu boys and girls of Udupi District aren’t agitating against hijab as much as they’re asking for equality.

Making new concessions-based on religious grounds in schools is like opening the proverbial Pandora’s box. There’s no end from there. Hijab today, burqa tomorrow, separate classes day after, prayer rooms and prayer breaks the next day, only halal food the following day, annual holidays to be rescheduled during Ramzan and then demand to remove non-Muslims after that. The radicalisation began with hijab in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir. Those who don’t learn from history end up as bad history. Fortunately, a significant number of Hindu kids have learned from history despite the obnoxious influence of “Woke culture”. This is a relief. “Liberals rush in where angels fear to tread” should be a modern-day proverb.

We watched how violence escalated after the “peaceful” Shaheen Bag protests led to the Delhi riots. Shamelessly brazen pandering of Islamists demands by liberals and opposition parties playing “Vote-bank politics” is dragging India towards a Civil War-like situation. But the “Secular fundamentalists” can see only Hindutva fundamentalism. Average Hindus and even Christians are allergic to Burqa not because they’re intolerant. Ground reality is Burqa, Niqab, and Hijab have been used to promote “Love Jihad”. A Muslim girl tried to smuggle a Hindu girl with a Muslim boy by draping the Hindu girl her burqa. Fortunately, locals in Mangalore stopped this attempted Love Jihad. Men covering themselves in burqa and entering women’s restrooms, too, was exposed. Robbers and terrorists have used burqa in different parts of the world. Hence, many countries have banned Burqa. But Indian liberal mafia would never allow such inconvenient facts to disturb their propaganda of “Oppressed Minorities”. The ball is now in the court of Courts now. Congress Legal cell Advocate Kamat reading out from Quran and explaining to the High Court, “How a Muslim girl attaining menarche cannot show her body parts to other men” completes the joke. Yes, Hijab is empowering. It empowers Mullahs, “Secular” political parties, Islamist-Marxist media, and advocates like Devadatt Kamat. 


This article by Govind Raj was First published on Organiser weekly on 16 February 2022


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