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Here is why Virat Kohli was called hypocrite of highest order for targeting only Hindu festivals.


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If you don’t practice what you preach, your hypocrisy would be exposed naked, as people match your advice with your actions. This is what happened to captain of Indian Cricket Team, Virat Kohli. Netizens exposed his hypocrisy naked, when he tried to target Diwali, an auspicious festival of lights for Hindus, for causing pollution. 

In 18 second video, after wishing Diwali, Virat Kohli advised country men not to burst crackers, to protect the environment and to have fun at home with their loved ones with a simple Diya and sweets on this auspicious occasion. 

Why is Virat Kohli hypocrite of highest order? 

Virat Kohli owns more than half a dozen petrol consuming luxurious Audis such as S5, RS 5, Q7, Q8, A8 L, R8 LMX, and R8 V10 Plus, as well as Toyota Fortuner and Renault Duster. According to Asianet, Indian skipper is also owner of private jet, which costs ₹125 crores. 

Can a true environmentalist own fleet of luxurious automobiles and a private jet? 

Answer is NO. No matter how luxurious a car is, it produces carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O) and nitrogen after it burns hydrocarbon’ fuel such as petrol, diesel, gas etc, with air in its engine. After Virat Kohli’s fleet of luxurious cars contribute hugely to pollution in the air, his private jet emits as much as 20 times more carbon dioxide per passenger mile than a commercial airliner, according to Victor, a private jet charter company. 

After hugely contributing to the pollution in air in order to live a stinking rich and glamorous life Virat Kohli suddenly grew concerned about Mother Earth. 

Does Virat Kohli have sense of responsibilities towards natural resources like water? 

NO. The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) had fined Virat Kohli ₹500 for cleaning his luxurious cars with drinking water in June 2019. June is the month when North India undergoes severe heat wave causing acute shortage of drinking water. Virat’s neighbour lodged a complaint that thousands litres of drinking water were being wasted to wash his fleet of luxurious cars. It is fine for Virat Kohli, if a common citizen endures shortage of water, but his expensive car must be cleaned with drinking water. 

A true climate activist would endorse blanket ban on firecrackers, why target only Diwali? 

If fire crackers cause air pollution, they do so at Christmas, at victory parties and at New Year celebration, when more than 150 countries burst firecrackers. In fact, a fire cracker cause air pollution, whenever it is burst. Why is Virat Kohli is mute spectator, when there is fire cracker celebration at IPL at opening and closing ceremony? 

Beef is the biggest culprit to cause pollution. 

So called celebrities with left leaning ideology start promoting and propagating cracker-less Diwali and waterless Holi. Do they ever call for “beef ban” which is the main culprit of pollution? Greenhouse gas production from beef consumption is 20 times more per gram of protein than common plant proteins. Did Virat Kohli ever raise voice for banning beef? 

Why not eco friendly Bakra-Eid?

Lacs of animals are butchered in the name of sacrifice in Bakra-Eid. Hindu temples have given up traditions of sacrifice gradually. No Hindu priest issued Fatwa against each other. Why can’t it be bloodless Bakra-Eid? Worst part of sacrifice in Bakra-Eid is that it takes place in presence of children—the same goat, which, they had been feeding as pet. After killing innocence in children, they start polluting Mother Earth. Animals are sacrificed either at their houses or some common places, which are left littered with blood, skin, leftover fats, intestines, limbs etc. Otherwise, such leftover pollutants are discarded in nearby river or pond. 

Christmas causes cutting trees or production of plastic Christmas trees. 

Either fresh-cut Christmas trees with fantastic aroma or artificial trees made of variety of plastics, which are non-biodegradable causing an environmental hazard, especially for oceans. Cutting of real trees is decreasing generation of oxygen. Why not tree less Christmas? 

Irony is that those who show great concern to protect Mother Earth, are the one who never use public transport, instead they own fleet of fuel-consuming luxury cars, flies private jet and blatantly display their savouring for beef. But the moment Diwali and Holi nears, they turn into climate activist shedding crocodile tears for Mother Nature. 


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