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Has Rahul Gandhi Gone Rogue? He is meeting Anti-Indian elements and even ISI agents in Europe


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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has arrived in Brussels, which is the first step of his week-long Europe tour. According to the Congress party sources, Gandhi, during his Europe visit, will meet the Indian Diaspora, European Union (EU) politicians, lawyers, and several other eminent personalities from European nations.

It has been said that this program is being coordinated by the ‘Indian Overseas Congress’. Rahul Gandhi has been accompanied by alleged telecom entrepreneur Sam Pitroda, who will also be participating in all the events alongside Rahul Gandhi.

According to sources, Rahul Gandhi is all set to discuss various issues such as human rights situation in Manipur, challenges to the democracy, and so called misgovernance of Modi government, attacks on Minorities and Dalits to name a few. Well, it’s fine to discuss such issues, however, what is more important is that with whom he will be discussing such vital issues.

What more concerning is that Rahul Gandhi is meeting with the contacts of Pakistan’s ISI in Europe. Well, you may be shocked, but this is true. These pics were tweeted by Congress official handle on yesterday

When you check the second picture, the top right one, you will find a person there.

He is Fabio Massimo. He is a Italian Leftist politician and former member of European Parliament. He is a close friend of Parvaiz Iqbal Loser, and an important ISI asset placed in the Europe. The same ISI, which is known for its deep seethed hatred against Bharat and Hindus.

Loser used him to create anti India propagnda on Kashmir issue and Pro Pakistan propagnda in Europe. Here is an old tweet of Fabio, which proves our point.

Loser is ISI agent in Europe, who is working on behest of Pakistani establishment to spread anti-Bharat propaganda in Europian countries. Fabio is his close confidante in the Europe, and both of them perform various anti-Bharat activities.

DisinfoLab has exposed this Parvaiz Iqbal Loser earlier in this thread.

So, its quite clear that ISI and Pakistan has their assets in Europe. Parveiz Iqbal Loser is one of their biggest assets, who is a close friend of Fabio Massimo, who is meeting with Rahul Gandhi

Here, a big question arises that why Rahul Gandhi is meeting with those people who are connected with ISI pawns and are anti India?


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