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George Soros closes offices across the World; Is this an end of $25 worth Soros’s Philanthropy Empire?


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George Soros owned Open Society Foundations around the world are shuttering offices as they prepare to cut more than 40 per cent of its staff.

It has been said that the employees of the Open Society Foundations’ Africa operations received correspondence last week detailing the next steps of the process, which includes closing half a dozen offices in Africa, in addition to Baltimore and Barcelona, according to emails seen by Bloomberg.  

“With the decision by the board in June to cut the staff by more than 40 per cent, our staffing size and footprint by necessity needs to diminish,” said  Binaifer Nowrojee, OSF’s vice president of programs, in one of the emails. 

The charity doles out more than $1 billion in grants annually, including over $100 million in Africa. 

“I’m very sorry that it’s turned out this way,” Wanyeki wrote to staff in an email.“It’s obviously not what any of us expected and I’m also very sorry that I didn’t have information on this earlier,” she added.

The Barcelona and Baltimore closures were announced earlier this year and the Africa offices “have been in varying stages of transition to close or merge into one regional entity” since 2021, an OSF spokesperson said in an email. Many of the satellite offices are set to close by the end of 2023, the spokesperson added.

The emails to staff come after Inside Philanthropy reported in July that OSF had removed more than a dozen offices across Africa and Asia from a list on its website.

Why it is a Good News?

A vast network of NGOs has been deployed around the globe in recent decades, many of them under the direct influence of George Soros’ foundations, not only to position narratives that serve local media and foreign interests in a country, but even to influence the legal frameworks of representative democracies.

What are its intentions, disguised as philanthropy in their own version of wishful thinking? It would be necessary to familiarize oneself with the character running the show.

The deployment of its NGOs is in line with its ambitions for financial expansion, which is why it has based its project on concepts of society and economy as proclaimed by Popper, encouraging representative democracies that develop with a minimum of State and a maximum of market.

In 1993 Soros founded the Open Society Institute, whose funding system became a global structure and was called Open Society Foundations. The open society took the form of financial movements, and behind the curtain lobbies of banks and investment funds move alongside the institutions that legalize them: the IMF and the World Bank under the orders of Washington and Wall Street. Soros is a member of the Carlyle Group, a cartel of rich people who want to get richer.

The balkanization of the world is a leitmotif for Soros. Thus, his demonstrated alliance with the CIA to destabilize Europe, and involvement in the so-called “refugee crisis,” together with his think tanks, and the concept of “open borders” under his wing, Soros has been a financier of the Merkel Plan for the migration problem facing Europe for years.

Why decline of Soros is good for India?

George Soros is considered as a villain in India because of constant India-bashing done by NGOs funded by him. He is a part of the wide global cartel, which want to dent India’s image, its government and its economy.

Soros has been pretty vocal about his “mission” or “dream” for India—dislodge Prime Minister Narendra Modi and “make democracy flourish again” in the country. This, to some analysts, appears to be nothing but an open threat to meddle with the electoral process in the world’s largest democracy.

The EU has banned Soros but politicians in our country want to believe him and convince the Indian voters that the messiah of humanity and transparency has found a “corruption angle” in the super performance of a top company and that the government and watchdogs in the country are at fault in not clipping the wings of the company. With an annual outlay of $1.5 billion, the Soros family’s OSF claims to be on a self-proclaimed crusade against human rights violations and upholding of democratic institutions and practices.

Going by the Soros network’s ambitions to spread its tentacles in India, the easiest way for it would be to install a puppet regime. Dealing with Modi, whom even China wants ousted, appears to be giving the network a nightmare. Amid such situation, it seems a wonderful news for India and the World, that George Soros’s Philanthropy Empire is going to be vanished very soon.


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