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Even if BJP has lost perception war outside Bengal, but BJP is firmly standing by its each and every worker after post poll Hindu genocide in Bengal


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Dear Hindus, how dare you voted for BJP in Bengal? Now, get ready to pay for exercising your democratic rights to vote: This is the message, which Muslims in Bengal conveyed. They not only defeated BJP by voting for TMC unitedly, but also they went on a rampage to loot, kill Hindus, destroy their properties and rape their women to teach them a lesson for voting for BJP. Like devils’ mother, Mamata Banerjee allowed her Muslim voters to commit Hindu genocide, because they are their fixed voters, who can bring her to power next time.

Bengal is painted with blood, gore, death during post poll violence. Hindus across the globe are restless, agitated and infuriated. Images of bleeding Hindu men begging for life in front of violent mob, their blood soaked dead bodies, Hindu women being attacked and dead bodies of rape victims are haunting them. What can be more horrific for Hindus than state sponsored massacre of Hindus in a Hindu majority India! Where would they go if they are butchered in India for being Hindu? 

Hindu communities are raising their angry voice against state sponsored massacres of Hindus in Bengal on international platform. But, at the same time, they are questioning BJP top leadership if they anticipated bloodbath of Hindus. If they did, why didn’t they protect Hindus in Bengal? Did BJP top leadership leave their workers, who gave their time and energy to party and supporters to die?

Trunicle interviewed Keya Ghosh, Vice President of BJP Mahila Morcha workers in West Bengal to know the ground reality, on Sunday.

Keya Ghosh did acknowledge what Media has shown was only 10% of the carnage which took place in Bengal. But, she also emphasized BJP leadership in Bengal is standing firmly and strongly by each and every worker, who has been victims of post poll violence. BJP leadership is trying to reach every single worker and its supporter, who was inflicted extreme violence. To display solidarity with victims, BJP president JP Nadda visited their families during his two-day visit in Bengal.

But, there is narrative on social media that BJP local leaders and central leaders haven’t been responding enough to distress calls. Is it true? Asked Trunicle. 

Keya Ghosh explained images of victims in violence went viral on social media, but pictures of BJP MLAs receiving distress calls and reaching out to their workers are not being circulated. Picture of Agnimitra Paul, BJP MLA from Asansol, who instantly visited victims in her constituency was not circulated, because victims, who are being rehabilitated are so scared that they request not to click them for their security reasons. If BJP leaders disclose their identities on social media, they risk their lives for further attacks. 

There is so much anger brewing. It is a Hindu majority country. It is BJP government in the centre. It is principal opposition party of BJP in Bengal now. It is the Party, which promised and gave hope that it would form government in Bengal. 47% voters have voted for you. And yet, BJP leaders are talking about rehabilitation. What a fall! At first place, the carnage should not have happened. Was BJP complacent not to anticipate such bloodbath? Was BJP timid to react? Asked Trunicle. 

Keya Ghosh accepted BJP wanted to come to power in Bengal, but she did admit BJP couldn’t foresee bloodbath of unprecedented level, because the party believes in democracy. However, rehabilitation process is going on. Displaced victims are being provided ration to survive with baby food for new born children, as well as Covid-19 positive cases are also being taken care of. 

Post poll victims confirm that they being supported by BJP. Yet, there is impression that too little was done, too late was done. Even BJP supporters are blaming the leaders are not accessible. Asked Trunicle. 

Keya Ghosh replied BJP MLAs and candidates, who didn’t win the election are also available on their phones. They are receiving floods of call. They are making rounds to those areas even where they lost the elections to help and support victims. Keys Ghosh signs off. 

Keya Ghosh claims BJP leaderships are leaving no stone unturned to rehabilitate providing all rations and basic necessities. BJP leaders are also facilitating medication to Covid-19 positive patients. However, can it be denied that BJP could not predict and prepare for such unprecedented violence to save its workers and supporters? They are in centre with thumping majority. They have system and mechanism to sniff threat of national security, didn’t they fail to stop the carnage? Central leadership must answer these questions.

Watch FB live interview of @keyakahe , Vice President of Mahila Morcha West Bengal ,Bjp.
Topic : West Bengal Results & Post poll violence.
Do watch.



  1. TMC ke baap ka nahi hai Bangal BJP need to take TMC goons to task Use central forces to crush the goons that TMC has raised To use force against goons is no wrong They are already using forces against Naxals then why not against TMC goons if Mumtaz Govt is supporting those goons

  2. All said and done.What Keya Ghosh,Nadda have said above is not at all convincing to give clean chit to BJP leadership at the centre.A serious dent has been made in to its image as a strong party under two strong men.Even Nehru dismissed EMS Namboodiripads govt in Kerala when a congress volunteer was manhandled and killed.Indira too went tough on volunteers issue.Here is BJP with unprecedented majority a mute spectator to its large scale volunteers manhandled,killed,raped.Never knew the Centre in our federal structure is so weak and the provinces ie states could be rogues.


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