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Europe scorched by Islamic Extremism – Those who Lectured us on Humanism, Secularism, and Civil security are caught in the web of their own ‘Values’


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India is one of the few countries in the world which have suffered the biggest brunt of Islamic terrorism. India has been raising the issue of terrorism on every major platform for the last 3 decades, but very few countries have tried to understand India’s concerns in the right perspective.

On the other hand, most of the countries have been such that by advising India to exercise restraint, they do away with their duty. Be it in the name of Leftism, Humanism, Secularism, or Islamophobia, these countries have been advising India to remain silent and compromise with the situation.

European countries and America always ignored India’s concerns about growing Islamic extremism, but when terrorist attacks started happening on these countries, then they understood what was going on in India. But even today, when the opportunity arises, this country does not hold back from showing double-faced behavior in the name of pseudo-humanism and secularism.

Europe allegedly places great emphasis on human values. The European Union provides assistance and advice to other countries when major disasters or humanitarian emergencies occur elsewhere in the world. EU countries are the world’s leading donors of humanitarian aid, helping millions of people around the world every year.

There are many social organizations and government organizations in Europe which also test the world on values ​​like civil security, humanism, secularism, and give ratings etc. to other countries.

It is said that time is not always the same, today Europe is standing at such a point where it is becoming difficult for them to follow these so-called values. A phase of Islamic extremism has started in Europe, everyday riots are happening somewhere, Islamic extremists are demanding religious rights for themselves, challenging the governments.

These are the same people whom Europe had given shelter in the name of protection of human values ​​just a few years back. Let us know about this problem, whose father is Europe itself, and today it is also facing its side effects.

Migrant crisis of 2015 became Europe’s Achilles’ heel

In 2014-15, Islamic States started spreading their legs in Syria and Iraq. This organization, infamous for its barbaric methods, brutally killed in the entire Levant region, and about 1.3 million people were forced to take refuge in Europe, distressed by the bite of this Islamic terrorism, it was the biggest refugee crisis past the Second World War.

Initially, the large number of refugees were Syrian, but later large numbers of Afghans, Nigerians, Pakistanis, Iraqis and Eritreans, and economic migrants from the Balkans were also forced to seek refuge in Europe.

Picture Source – ANI

If you remember, this picture became very famous at that time. It was a 2-year-old Syrian boy named Alan Kurdi. Kurdi’s family was trying to escape the Syrian civil war from Turkey to Greece on 2 September 2015, but Kurdi died when the boat capsized. This event shook the whole world, and a new era of human sympathy and civil protection began in Europe.

Due to a wave of sympathy triggered by Kurdi’s death, 28 countries of the European Union opened their doors to refugees coming from Islamic countries. Under the leadership of Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, Italy and England played a big role in settling these millions of refugees in different parts of Europe.

However, even at that time there were some countries like Poland who were opposing this policy, they were telling their fellow countries about the ill-effects of this activity, but no one listened to them. On the contrary, his views were dismissed as right wing, communal, and Islamophobic.

But the European countries, the conductors of these so-called human values, did not know what a big problem they were going to get into.

Islamic Terrorism ignites in Europe

But Europe now stood on the cusp of a huge problem. After the arrival of refugees from Islamic countries in Europe, social problems started to arise in many countries. After 2014-15, there have been more than 100 small and big terrorist incidents in Europe, in which hundreds of people were killed and thousands were injured.

Most of these were done by radical Islamic elements. Some major attacks in Europe were the November 2015 Paris attacks (130 killed), the July 2016 Nice truck attack (86 killed), the June 2016 Ataturk airport attack (45 killed), the March 2016 Brussels bombings (32 killed). ), and the May 2017 Manchester Arena bombing (22 killed).

In countries like France, Germany, Belgium, Islamic elements started retaliating or rioting on one or the other day. Recently, we saw in France how there used to be riots after the matches of the Football World Cup.

Riots happened in Paris when Morocco won, Paris burned when Morocco lost, riots happened in Paris even when France lost in the final. We saw how NRIs were attacked by local Muslims after the India-Pakistan cricket match in England. The investigation also revealed that most of the attackers and rioters were Islamic refugees.

In addition, we have seen how radical Islamic elements have vitiated the atmosphere in peace-loving countries like Belgium and Sweden. We have seen how Muslims demanded additional rights in these countries, blocked roads, offered prayers on the streets and demonstrated their strength. On the other hand, such incidents instilled a feeling of insecurity in the minds of the local European citizens, although their political leadership was still under the false intoxication of secularism and humanism.

Big difference between European citizens and Governments

All these changes brought unexpected changes across Europe. The attitude of the immigrants coming to Muslim countries changed towards religious and cultural values, they were more attached to their religion and rituals.

Muslim temporary workers who arrived in the past had accepted “basement mosques” as a temporary solution to their prayer needs, but post-2015 migrants demanded mosques and minarets, seeking Sharia law for themselves.

In addition, the visibility of migrants in public increased, with veiled women and men wearing Islamic headgear becoming commonplace throughout the world. Even Sharia-zones have been created in Britain, where it is impossible for non-Islamic people to go.

Today, about 25 million Muslims live in 28 countries of the European Union. Their growing population has sparked debate, controversy, fear and even hatred in these countries. There is now an atmosphere of mutual suspicion between Muslims and mainstream European societies. Opinion polls in Europe over the past few years have shown growing fear and antagonism towards Muslims.

Muslims are perceived by the average European citizen as a threat to national identity, domestic security and social fabric. Muslims, on the other hand, are convinced that most Europeans disapprove of their presence and slander and ridicule their religion.

However, most European countries and their leadership still recognize that such views are worrisome because they promote dangerous Islamophobia on the one hand, and radicalization on the other. European states are concerned by these developments as they threaten their supposed harmonious coexistence.

As a result, he took measures to counter extremist forces, curb radicalization, and improve the integration of Muslims in the recipient countries. But the biggest problem in this was that he did not understand the root of the problem.

Secular and Liberal countries of European countries believe that despite all this, the vast majority of Muslims in Europe do not indulge in violence or terrorist activities. He acknowledges that radical Islamic elements are carrying out ‘lone wolf’ attacks, but even today he refuses to acknowledge the root of their problem, which is jihadist education. He refuses to believe that how a European Muslim becomes radicalized? Who instigates it?

And this is the reason why right wing parties have started coming to power in many countries of Europe in the last few years. These groups are trying to fight radical Islamic extremism while keeping intact the notions of European integration and coexistence.

Burqa and Niqab have been banned in many countries of Europe, in many countries the local people have stopped the congregational prayers. Along with this, many countries have also tried to re-evaluate their migrant and refugee policies, so that this Islamic supremacy can be curbed.

Will Europe take lessons from its mistakes?

In the last 7-8 years, law and order has come to a standstill in Europe, Islamic extremism is at its peak, most of the population is suffering, but still the secular-liberal community there does not want to learn a lesson from it.

In fact, the public mind of Europe and their political leadership have become so degraded that to keep their human values ​​intact, they mark these aggressive immigrants as irregular citizens instead of weaving infiltrators. The traditional society of the nations of Europe has lost its public consciousness, so there is very little hope of improving the situation there.

In the coming times, the situation in Europe will worsen and it is also possible that due to mutual differences on migrant people and their related policies, the European Union may also be disintegrated. The question is, will Europe improve? Will Europe break out of its human rights, secularism vicious circle? Only time will tell.


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