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For the first time in History of Maharashtra, Government Holiday declared for Dahi Handi Festival


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In Maharastra, Janmashtami is known as Dahi Handi (dahi: curd, handi: clay pot). It is held around the month of August. The holiday Gokulashtami, also known as Krishna Janmashtami in the rest of the country, commemorates Krishna’s birth, and Dahi Handi is an element of it.

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said on Friday that Dahi Handi, a famous event in Maharashtra, will be designated a public holiday throughout the state. Shinde stated that until recently, collectors in some districts in the state have issued a public holiday notice for Dahi Handi in their districts, but he will now speak with the chief secretary and request that a notice is issued for the whole state. 

The MMR already observes it as a national holiday. “Dahi Handi festivities are quite popular in the state, and with the elimination of Covid19 limitations, the holiday will be celebrated in a huge way this year,” he added.

Recently Eknath Shinde’s Hindutva appeal in Maharashtra politics just changed the game. Shiv Sena’s lost ideology in the previous two and a half years as a partner of MVA in Maharashtra with Congress and NCP prompted Shiv Sainiks to join the breakaway organization. In Guwahati, an increasing number of Shiv Sena renegade MLAs joined the Shinde faction.

 The strength of the insurgents was growing by the day, which worried the Shiv Sena’s Udhav Thackeray group. Maharashtra is where the mind game and bullying methods first appeared. Despite the prodding from the opposing side, the Shinde group remained cool. Bal Thakeray was a lifelong opponent of the Congress party. However, his son, current Chief Minister Uddhav Thakeray, was forced to go against the Sena’s main beliefs. The insurrection was the consequence of two and a half years of intellectual battles, not the rage of the day.

The clean swipe win of Ek Nath Shinde in Maharastra is the revival of culture in the region Such steps are expected in the future as well. The strong beliefs and idealogy of Bal Thackeray have found their way into the current scenario. 


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