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“Do Gharwapsi if you want to avail ST benefits” : IFSCAP to Arunachal Pradesh Christians


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Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh has been relentlessly working to save the culture and heritage of Arunachal Pradesh. Along with encouraging the Indigenous culture they are fighting tooth and nail against the conversion mafia and doing whatever is required to provide and comfort to the local people who are more often than not lured to Christianity by doling out petty favors

In a recent statement issued by IFSCAP it has clarified that the converted Christians cannot reap the benefits given to ST. In order to get those benefits they will have to return to the fold of Hinduism by doing Ghar Wapasi

IFSCAP made it clear that the issue of delisting of Arunachali Christians from ST category has been well thought. IFSCAP clarified that while it is true that once delisted from ST category Arunachali Christians will become general category citizens and will lose their rights to land and property in Arunachal, there is still an option for them to return to ST category if they do “Ghar Wapsi” ceremony and accept Hinduism or indigenous faith. “If they are not willing to do Ghar Wapsi ceremony and accept Hinduism or indigenous faith” they will not be able to return to ST category.” IFSCAP said.

IFDCAP has been criticized of associating with a hindu nationalist organization like RSS and diluting indigenous faith with Hinduism. It has thus clarified that Indigenous faith is a part of Hinduism.

Our fathers and their forfathers were always hindus because Abotani was a descendant of God Shiva, and the proof for that is that just like God Shiva ties his hairs in knots called “Jatas” most men from Tani community also tied their hair in knots called “Pudum”. Therefore there should be no doubt that our forfathers were Hindus” IFSCAP said.

Besides that Arunachal always had a clan of Brahmins since ancient times. The Rijiju Clan of Nafra in West Kameng district to which union minister for law and justice Kiren Rijiju belongs is the clan of Arunachali Brahmins. Hence taking into account all the evidences it is clear that indigenous faith is a part of Hinduism.”IFSCAP said.


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