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Dirty schemes and politics of Arvind Kejriwal


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With eyes ahead on the upcoming Gujarat elections, Arvind Kejriwal has been involved in a lot of dirty schemes and politics. Arvind Kejriwal has hired a few Muslim YouTubers for the Gujarat election. From using a BJP supporter’s tweet and twisting it to attack the Gujarat government to running his temple run to woo the state’s Hindu residents and get them to vote for the “Jhaadu” this time he has been actively trying to make a mockery of the people of Gujarat.

But the height of insensitivity has been crossed when it has come to the knowledge that he has hired a few Muslim YouTubers for the Gujarat election who have started to take pre-planned opinions of Muslim volunteers of AAP.  The communal politics that the party is playing is demeaning and ugly.

Vijay Patel, a Hindu activist and founder of @onlyfactindia tweeted the information regarding this controversy.

AAP’s social media team shared videos of the said YouTube channels through its official Twitter handle. It is attacking the BJP and Congress through the shoulders of such scripted YouTube videos. In all such YouTube videos, AAP is presented as the only saviour for Gujarati voters. It is claimed that the public desperately wants to uproot the BJP that has governed the state for around 27 years.

Muslim YouTubers own these YouTube channels, but they don’t reveal their names in the video.

The videos tries to interview the locals of the state and seek their opinion, but in reality, they are all agents of the AAP.  AAP is sharing videos claiming that the common people of Gujarat want change in the state. But AAP is spreading lies and the content is fraud because they are not common people. They are AAP politicians and volunteers. But they are sharing this video as if these people are speaking as common Hindus, Gujaratis, or businessmen. The YouTuber has been misleading people by writing defamatory headings in the name of Hindus. Each and every person in this video belongs to AAP. AAP will never use interviews with common people as they know the hold of PM Modi’s government in the state has been very strong for a long time now.

 They think that they can manipulate the citizens of the country, but it’s very foolish of them to do so. Even the locations and the people shown in different interviews are seen to be the same and repeated.

According to a tweet by a person, “they have uploaded videos in such numbers that when you search on YouTube only these 2 channels and a few of Ndtv is visible. I was trying to see genuine public reaction a few days back but all AAP favored videos from 1 channel gave me a decent idea of what’s happening”

The AAP’s new electoral methods are not new in politics, but the party has been caught red-handed. AAP has a profound fondness for YouTube, whether it was Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s infamous invitation to share the pain of Kashmiri Hindus on YouTube during his ridiculing address on ‘The Kashmir Files,’ or this recent staged public comments on its favorable YouTube channels. Kejriwal needs to know that he cannot fraudulently misrepresent facts and figures to the whole nation. It is stepping down to a level that is so low. 


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