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DIRECT ACTION DAY August 16th 1946: Survivor recalls brutality inflicted, Hindu women butchered and hung at beef shops in Calcutta

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Unheard massacre took place in the streets of Calcutta (present day Kolkata) which adds one more page of haunted history. Hindu killings are often ignored as if they never happened in the history. The result is the perpetual scenarios keep on appearing, yet ignored by the so called Human Rights agencies.

One may recall the exodus of Kashmiri pundits and express grief over, but are not aware of killings of Moplah and many more.

Similar act took place in Calcutta and named Direct action day. On August 16th, Mohammad Ali Jinnah gave a call to fellow Muslims across India for a Direct Action Day on the streets of Calcutta.

An unimagined number of approximately 10,000 were butchered and 15,000 wounded within 3 days of the provocative speech. One should not forget the Direct Action Day and Independence Day. Many provocative speech were made which resulted in one more page of Hindu killings.

Journalist Abhijit Majmudar recalls the black day by sharing the horrific massacre through a video. As we recalls the 75th year of the horrific ‘Direct Action Day’, a survivor Rabindranath Dutta (92) recalls the heart-wrenching episodes directed by Islamists.

In the video survivor recalls the inexplicable violence and brutality that Islamists had unleashed, especially in Hindu women during 1946 massacre that began with the provocative announcement. He lamented over the incidents in which Islamists hung the naked, butchered bodies of Hindu women from hooks at Kolkata’s Raja Bazar beef shops.

The survivor who wrote books on ‘Direct Action Day’ also mentioned the police officer Rabihari Majmudar who confirmed that during the massacre, Victoria college female Hindu students were raped, killed and tied to hostel windows.

Riots against Hindus:

Direct Action Day and Noakhali Riots and post-independence riots have many similarities. In early 1940s call for separate Muslim nation were roaring in Bengal. It is no surprise that it was launched in Bengal on August 16th 1946 since the day was 18th Day of Ramzan, a day when Prophet directed the Jihad against Heather and infidels of Mecca in the battle of Badr.

However, Noakhali riots complemented Islamists ill intention on October 10th 1946 where riots were organized in an objective oriented manner but consisted of similar acts of mass rapes, abductions and forced conversions of Hindus to Islam and looting and arson of Hindu properties.

Back then the power was either held by Muslim leader or leaders including Gandhi. Sadly, no actions taken by any authority and the organized massacre and rapes were ignored as if nothing happened.

The pattern can still be analyzed by observing the acts of these Islamists, either in Ajmer rape racket or Kashmir exodus and many more. Lists never seem to end.

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