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Deoband madrasa student threatened terrorist attack.


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In recent events in Deoband, Uttar Pradesh, a disconcerting incident unfolded involving a student enrolled in a madrassa, reportedly making alarming threats to replicate the tragic Pulwama attack of 2019. The student in question, Talha Mazhar, allegedly posted threatening messages on social media, inciting fear and unrest within the community.

Uttar Pradesh Police and UP ATS took this student into custody from Deoband. A case has been registered against this. This is now being investigated in depth. Information has come to light that Talha Mazhar, who threatened the second Pulwama, is a resident of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and takes training in Islam in Deoband.

The Pulwama attack, a harrowing act of terrorism that claimed the lives of numerous Indian security personnel, remains a painful scar in the collective memory of the nation. Any hint or allusion to a repetition of such an atrocity understandably evokes widespread concern and urgency.

The prompt response by law enforcement, swiftly apprehending the student and initiating a thorough investigation, reflects the gravity with which such threats are taken. However, this incident also underscores the critical need for a multi-faceted approach to address the roots of extremism and prevent its proliferation among impressionable minds.

Madrassas, as educational institutions, play a vital role in shaping the moral compass and worldview of students. While the vast majority of these institutions focus on religious education and imparting values of peace and tolerance, isolated incidents involving extremist ideologies must be addressed vigilantly. It is crucial to reinforce the values of harmony, respect, and coexistence within educational curricula to inoculate against radicalization


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