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‘Dara Hua Musalman’ is a FAKE Narrative of Left – The Udaipur Beheading exposed this naked truth


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What do you do if you can’t fight your competitor with facts and knowledge?

Well, the easier one is to play victimhood and put the blame on the opposite side, so that they can feel guilty. This tactic gives healthy dividends and that’s why it has been used by people in various spheres.

Radical Islamists have also mastered this strategy and rather they have transformed it into a global business opportunity for themselves. Taking a queue from the global Ummah, the Indian Muslim leaders and their masters have been attempting to create an atmosphere of fear among the Muslims.

This has been carried out by the so-called champions of secularism through their narrow-minded appeasement politics. These champions of secularism had hijacked the empowerment of minorities and created a narrative of ‘Dara Hua Musalman’ to achieve their short-term political ends and long-term goals of ‘Breaking India’.

What is ‘Dara Hua Musalman’ Narrative?

Radical Islamists believe in an aggressive school of thought, they believe that none except them should exist on the face of this earth. They believe that only their God must be worshipped and anybody who doesn’t agree with their thoughts must be perished by force.

These people commit gruesome crimes, suppress people, carry out terror activities, or any other thing that creates fear among the other communities. However, such acts are creating a sense of hatred against the Muslims and there is a growing concern among them of social boycott or isolation.

So, they have found a solution to this concern. Another faction of the radical Islamists and leftists has coined a narrative, that is known as ‘Dara Hua Musalman‘, to mild down the aggressive image of Muslims, and instead portray them as a Victim to garner sympathy from the masses and international communities.

If we talk about India, then for the last few years, one thing is being said again and again, that it is becoming difficult for Muslims to live here. Once upon a time, the murder of Akhlaq is described as a threat to the entire Muslim society. Sometimes it is said that no one gives a house to Muslims to live in, no one allows them to drink water from the temple, no one trades with them, or sometimes they claim that they are being isolated from the society.

This narrative has been duly supported by the gang of intellectuals, media, and even Bollywood. As soon as an incident happens where a Muslim is accused, these people provide them with intellectual covering fire and share emotional stories to diminish the gravity of the crime.

At the same time, if there is an incident where a Muslim is a victim, then these people make it an out-of-proportion issue and engage international entities to portray India as a dangerous place for Muslims.

Ever since PM Modi came to power in 2014, the ‘Dara Husa Musalman’ bogey has been raised time and again in Indian context mostly to whitewash hate crimes carried out against Hindus, like forced religious conversion amongst others, specifically because they are Hindus.

They publish stories in international websites, create trackers to keep a check of so called anti-Muslim incidents in India. Such things help them to create a sensations at global level. The recent UN resolution over Islamophobia is an outcome of such narrative.

The commitment to spread the propaganda was so high that certain propaganda websites came up with a ‘hate crime tracker’. The database was faulty and so subjective that the hate crimes against Hindus were watered down and outrightly rejected from being hate crimes.

Udaipur Beheading has destroyed this narrative

The gruesome beheading of Kanhaiya Sahu in Udaipur has sent massive shockwaves in the world. It was so brutal that even a hardcore radical islamist wont gather the courage to defend it. This incident is certainly a watershed moment, as this has exposed this narrative and unleash the truth that radical islamists are cruel, they commit such crimes to create fear in the heart of Kafirs.

Hindus are seething in anger since this barbaric murder happened in the broad daylight. This incident has established the fact that there is ‘No Dara Hua Musalman” in this world, instead we have barbarians who raise slogans of “Gustakh-Ae-Rasool ki ek hi aaza, sar tan se juda, sar tan se juda”, and they commit such henious crimes and spread them online to show their reality.


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