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Corona vaccine & its authorizaton process, A balanced view by Dr Paul(Vaccine expert),USA.


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Dr Paul Offitt is a top vaccine expert in the USA.
He plays out a balanced view about the vaccines.

There are certain things we need to know about vaccines and the authorization process and all about safety and efficacy

1) Emergency Use Authorization(EUA) is equivalent to issuing licences to experimental drugs.The vaccines which will be granted this licences are under the premise that the permit is only given under these extraneous circumstances.Any adverse effects or lack of efficacy reported later,FDA can withdraw the licences.

2) FDA had issued the same EUA to Hydroxychloroquine which has been withdrawn after knowing that it doesn’t work.Vaccines also fall into this category,”you don’t perform; out from the race”.

3) Now,with regards to safety and efficacy of these vaccines,the company quoted trials are not enough,but only used as a bench mark for issuing the emergency use authorization licences.We need atleast 6 months efficacy and safety data from the time vaccine is authorized.Experts are using a cautious note on potential adverse effects as the virus is novel as well as the vaccines.

4) To get a proper biological license,it takes several years.Many vaccines coming out now likely to fall apart to that stage.

5) Remember one famous quote among the vacciniologists,” the first vaccine coming out not necessarily the best vaccine”.

6) US FDA doesn’t give licences to those vaccines not tested among the US citizens.
Likewise,every other country should ask this pertinent question,” has this vaccine been tried out among the population dwelling in that country”.
If a vaccine tested and proven to work in developed world not necessary to work in developing countries due to various factors.

Finally,those who called me anti vaccine kindly go through this subject before commenting likewise.It is much more than euphoria needed in understanding the various nuances involved in the process that one has to be cautiously optimistic.

Finally as Dr Howard says, you could be the one who wants to wait for million people vaccinated with no major side effects reported before going for it.It is perfectly fine under the circumstances.


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