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Congress’s appeasement policy crossed all the limits when, Shashi Tharoor tried to appease Pakistani Muslims ignoring plight of Hindus in Pakistan


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The rations are only meant for Muslims, go back your home” was told to long queues of Hindus and other minorities, who were waiting for food item supply during lockdown in Covid-19 pandemic in Karachi Pakistan. 

When Shashi Tharoor participated in a conversation during Lahore ThinkFest on the theme “How Covid Has Changed the World” with Pakistani journalist Khurram Husain on 17 October virtually, it was right time and effective platform to raise the issue of Hindus and other minorities being disgracefully discriminated in Pakistan during pandemic. 

Alas, Shashi Tharoor ended up making election speech as if he was persuading voters in Lahore to vote for him against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Shashi Tharoor, addressing the festival virtually, said, “Indian government didn’t do well to handle Covid-19 pandemic, and people are aware of it. Rahul Gandhi had warned in February that Covid-19 must be dealt with seriously or India would face economic catastrophe.” Tharoor’s election speech came when he said, “Modi government targeted Tablighi Jamaat in order to justify bigotry and discrimination against the Muslims.” 

Really Mr. Tharoor? Are you aware how many Covid-19 hospital Pakistan has? Is even Pakistan aware of Covid-19 positive patients in its own backyard? Are you aware how many testing of Covid-19 was conducted in India? Based on which parameters did you make this conclusion that Pakistan did better than India to handle Corona? Pakistan hardly has facilities to conduct liver transplant. Hapless citizens of Pakistan come to India for treatment on medical visa. How did Pakistan—which hardly has medical infrastructure to treat liver tumour—has handled Corona pandemic better than India. Why didn’t you tell Pakistan how members of Tablighi Jamaat hid themselves in Nizamuddin Markaz, how they spit at doctors and nurses? 

Besides being a Congress MP, Shashi Tharoor has been a writer and former international diplomat. Isn’t it appalling to make such preposterous and hollow statements by Tharoor? What is even more sickening on Tharoor’s part is he didn’t raise issue of minorities, like Hindus, who went hungry after being denied food, and died without medication? Hindus, Christians and other minorities were forced to read Kalima to receive ration bags after their national identity cards (CNIC) were checked. Isn’t Shashi Tharoor aware how minorities like Hindus are persecuted in Pakistan, how they flee to India, and how Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan are full of refugee camps from persecuted Hindus of Pakistan? 

Does freedom of expression mean to carry a propaganda full of lies and manipulation’s to defame and demean own country before a failed state? Does Congressmen have some class and grace? 

Saman Khurshid, Photo credit: zeenews.com

In November 2015, senior Congress leader, Salman Khurshid embarrassed government of India at Jinnah Institute in Islamabad, when he said, “India did not reciprocate to Pakistan’s overtures for peace in South Asia the way it should have.” He went on to say, then Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had risked his elections to improve ties with India, but Indian government was not doing enough in this regard. Doesn’t it sound similar of Tharoor statement—Indian government didn’t do enough to curb Corona, but Pakistan did better? 

Mani Shankar Aiyar, Photo credit: hindu.com

Much senior leader Mani Shankar Aiyar almost fell on Pakistan’s knee when he begged, “हमें ले आईऐऔर उन्हेंहटाईऐ”  which means bring Congress to power and remove BJP government to a Pakistani TV anchor. The anchor had asked how his party Congress suggest to end bitterness between India and Pakistan on 17 November 2015. 

Is Congress under impression that it is Pakistan, which decides corridors of power in India? Is Congress so classless that it thinks a failed state called Pakistan would decide who would rule India? 


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