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Clubhouse Leaks -Digvijay Singh promises Pakistan that Congress is ready to ‘Relook’ at the abrogation of Article 370


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Congress has ruled India for more than 60 years, but it is the only political party that loves to associate with the adversaries of our nation. In a recent conversation with a Pakistan-based journalist on the Clubhouse application, the congress leader and Rahul Gandhi’s guru, Digvijay Singh hinted that the Congress party is ready to ‘relook’ at the decision of revoking Article 370.

In a trademark Congressi style, he said that “Democracy was not there in Kashmir when they revoked Article 370, ‘insaniyat’ was not there as they had put everyone behind bars. “

He further added that “Kashmiriyat is something that is the fundamentals of secularism. Because in a Muslim-majority state there was a Hindu king and both worked together. In fact, the reservation in Kashmir was given to Kashmiri pandits, therefore, the decision of revoking Article 370 and reducing the statehood of J&K, is a sad decision. And the Congress party will certainly have to relook at this issue,”

Narendra Modi-led BJP government took the decision to revoke Article 370 on August 5, 2019, with the sole objective of integrating the Jammu and Kashmir with India.

Digvijay Singh was responding to Shahzeb Jillani, who is a Pakistan-based journalist currently residing in Germany. He claimed that the landscape of politics and Indian society has been changed drastically under the Modi regime. He alleged that post revocation of Article 370, the relationship between India and Pakistan has strained. He also added that in the last couple of months the media is speaking up against the Narendra Modi government.

Well, we cant blame Pakistani journalists, as its their job to hate India and spread propaganda against India. What is more shocking and hurting that the principle opposition party is desperately taking a side and it is hand in glove with our arch rival Pakistan.

Though, such tantrums will not work, as people are already fed up of congress party and its leadership, and any such pro-Pakistani attempts are going to be counter productive for Congress.


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