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Canadian PM said- does not want to mess with India on the murder of Nijjar.


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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent shift in tone concerning the sensitive issue of Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s killing marks a notable pivot in Canada-India relations. Trudeau, previously engaged in tense exchanges with India over the matter, has now emphasized a desire to avoid conflict and prioritize collaboration, hinting at the prospect of a trade agreement between the two nations.

The backdrop of this diplomatic transformation stems from the history of strained relations between Canada and India, particularly regarding Nijjar, a Khalistani terrorist whose killing had become a contentious point of contention. Trudeau had previously engaged in a heated exchange with India over the matter, but his recent statements indicate a departure from the confrontational stance.

In a notable departure from earlier rhetoric, Trudeau expressed a significant shift in approach during a recent address, stating, “We do not seek conflict with India over the regrettable incident involving Nijjar. Instead, we aim to foster a constructive dialogue that emphasizes collaboration and mutual benefit.”

This change in Trudeau’s stance signifies a broader commitment to fostering positive diplomatic ties with India. It hints at a willingness to set aside past grievances and focus on building a stronger bilateral relationship. Moreover, Trudeau’s expressed desire to pursue a trade agreement suggests a pragmatic approach aimed at enhancing economic cooperation and creating mutual opportunities for growth and prosperity.

The potential for a trade agreement between Canada and India holds promising prospects for both nations. Such an agreement could lead to increased trade volumes, expanded market access, and the facilitation of investments, thereby benefiting businesses and fostering economic growth on both sides.


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