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Can Hindus Live in America Without Converting to Christianity?


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Many Christian evangelists have approached me over the years. At times I had conversations with them to better understand why their religions are sold as the only true religions. In all these conversations, I continued to express that I had no intention of converting to any other religion as I have a lot to learn from my own heritage & faith [which was maligned by foreign entities]. I was not interested in shaming the country nor humiliating the culture/faith I was born into.

I received a #mail from a certain Kate Johnson a few days ago – with a magazine. I was shocked to see that the magazine targeted brown Indian people. Please note the quotes from converted Indians with Indian Hindu names. Their last names/locations are not mentioned in the magazine.

    Rahul affirmed, “I Became a Better Husband”

    Asha claimed, “I No Longer Look Down On People”

    Kishore quoted, I Feel Happy and Content

    Sanjay added, “I have Found Inner Peace”

    Ravi stated, “Now I am Truly Happy”

    Rakesh noted, “My Confusion Went Away When I Read the Bible”

Letter from Kate Johnson
Letter from Kate Johnson

It occurred to me that Hindus never knocked on anyone’s door to preach about our religion? I found that many conservatives in America reminded me that I am in a Christian country, so speaking about this subject is inherently forbidden. I am compelled to write this article to demonstrate what is currently happening to Hindu Indian Americans in America and in my birth country from which I hailed. That was no Abrahamic country.

I am a legal immigrant to America. However I did not come here to give up the religion I was born into. No, neither did I come here to shame my birth country or to dismantle the faith and ridicule the culture I was born into. If that was America’s agenda, it certainly wasn’t explained to me. I did not enter America to convert America into a Hindu nation. I am not advocating for America to become a Hindu nation. I am not shoving my faith down anyone’s throat in America. I know of not a single Hindu who has such a kind of thought process. Hindus do not have such a doctrine. When Americans enforce certain religions, punish Hindus for being Hindus, prohibit Hindus from practicing their religion, or prohibit Hindus from retaining their ancestral religion, we shall decide what to do next.

I was born into a household that taught me to respect all. It was my upbringing that taught me tolerance, acceptance, love, coexistence, and peace. I was also born into a religion that prepared me to defend my dharma. My religion is not weak, false, or inferior to the Abrahamic religions. My faith is not a dogma. My tradition is not superstitious. My beliefs are not unscientific. My scriptures are not false. My history is not mythology. What gives a superior right to another individual or entity to tell me that a prophet of another faith or their son of God is better than my Guru? My religion, faith and heritage give me freedom and choice. By God-given rights, I am allowed to make that choice for myself. Must there be a broker to intervene in my spiritual growth and development?

Some historical references are outlined here to illustrate how modern religions were used globally to conquer lands and typically wipe out prior religions. As far as Hindus of India are concerned, foreign invaders and attackers have attacked us for over a millennium. Perhaps we are the toughest cookies. Despite the brutalities of ~1400+ years, Hindus survived.

I shall not sign a contract to vilify my ancestral civilization I was born into. I shall not shame my faith, mock my religion, humiliate my culture, insult my traditions, discredit my heritage, malign my history, and slander my civilization. We bring diversity, intellect, work ethics, capability, and pride in our own heritage. With the same devotion and rigor we treat our adopted country. We are not burdens. We contribute. It is strictly for this reason that people like us enrich America.

Let’s look at the Hindus in America

We are just 1% of America. Paying 6% of American taxes & 0.1% of prisoners. Hindus do not convert anyone – they focus on their lives, their families, their children, their schools, colleges, and their jobs. Hindus in America are also targeted. Most Hindus are not involved in heavy politics or advocacy.

Now, let’s compare Hindus with the next group with a similar population. Muslims. Muslims in America are 1%. 1% of taxes in America are paid by Muslims & 9% of Muslims are in jail. Unlike the Hindus, the Islamic lobby, pressure groups and mosques heavily influence American politics at every level of society including the media and academia.

Hindus usually come to America through student visas to pursue higher education, mostly for Master’s and PhD’s. Essentially, that means they usually enter the U.S. with a graduate degree. A second group of Hindus enter the country on a work visa. Some can apply for a green card and wait for 18+ years to get permanent residency. The rest returns back.Most Muslims are refugees and receive U.S. welfare. Plus, Muslims convert and have higher birth rates. Polygamy in Hindu families does not exist. Therefore, it is not exaggerating to infer, the Hindu population will not increase in America at a rate comparable to the Muslim population.

Recent attacks on Hindus came in the form of caste imposition on Hindus. Seriously, how could brown Hindu Indian Americans earn better? How could corporate CEOs be Indian Americans? How could India manage COVID better & reject America’s #BigPharma? How could India’s GDP grow faster than the US? Modi must be controlled. India’s growth story must be thwarted. They must be hit. What is the most effective way to strike India and Hindus? Oh the caste factor…VOILA! Hindus are attacked in America because Hindus are doing well. When you hit Hindus in America, you can hit India as well. Khalistani separatist movement in America, Caste imposition on Hindus in America, AntiCAA resolutions against India, maligning PM Modi, maligning Hindus with some variables like Cow, Caste, Curry, Sati, Kali – the Western American agenda is working. Check out the article on systemic anti-Hindu bias in America [1].

Hindus traditionally do not speak out. Congratulations America for slapping the micro-minority community in the face and waking us up.

Hindus in the South Asian Region

2% of the world’s Hindu population lives in Nepal. The final Hindu kingdom was dismantled when the Kind was overthrown in 2008, converting the Hindu nation of Nepal to a “democracy” and lo and behold, communists took over the country.

1,000 forced conversions of non-Muslim girls/women in one year in Pakistan
1,000 forced conversions of non-Muslim girls/women in one year in Pakistan

Hindus in the Islamic State of Pakistan have fallen from 23% in 1947 to 1.5% today. 3 minor Hindu (non-Muslim) girls [2] are abducted, raped, converted and married off to the rapist in Pakistan, every day [with the blessings & support of law of the land]. 

Hindus in the Islamic State of Bangladesh declined from 27% in 1947 to 7.9% today. By 2021, the number of Hindus in the Islamic State of Afghanistan had decreased to 30-40. 1 Hindu left Afghanistan in 2022. There were about 700,000 Hindus & Sikhs in Afghanistan in the 1970s. Where did they disappear? Killed? Converted? Fled?

Currently, India’s Hindus are surrounded by 3 Muslim countries, a few Buddhist countries and a couple of communist countries. India is unable to be a Hindu country because of internal and external enemies who ensure Hindutva(ism) has no avenue left to survive.

India: British Agenda For Civilizing Savage Hindus

Finally, our attention turns to the land of the Hindus, this ancient Indic land of India (Hindustan, Bharat). 97% of global Hindus are located in India. According to the 2011 census, Hindus were ~79%. Indian Hindus have been brainwashed by foreign entities and scholars for centuries. For ease of description, I shall briefly describe #ThreeBritishMonkeys. 

(1) Macaulay – The first British monkey targeted to destroy India’s education system

The Hindu Gurukul’s education system was completely destroyed. The Gita, Upanishad, Puranas, and Vedas were not taught. “Lord” Thomas Babington Macaulay, British historian and politician, Governor General who made English the medium of instruction for higher education on the Indian continent in 1835 [3].

Macaulay's English and the Western Agenda of India
Macaulay’s English and the Western Agenda of India

Despite his efforts British Christian Macaulay failed to convert Hindus. Although the British left, they did not leave without ensuring India failed. From implementing brown sepoys executing their plans to dividing the land to creating an Islamic nation – they succeeded. AND it worked.

It is my belief that if our plans of education are followed up, there will not be a single idolator among the respectable classes in Bengal thirty years hence.” ~Protestant Christian Lord Macaulay wrote to his father, a Presbyterian minister. 

(2) Max Müller – The second British monkey focused on narrative building.

Max Muller & debunked Aryan Invasion Theory
Max Muller & debunked Aryan Invasion Theory

In 1853, a paid employee of the British East India Company, German-Christian Friedrich Max Müller cooked up & popularized Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT). Indian Marxist (d)historians propagated & defended AIT with their lives. By promoting AIT, they successfully divided South (Dravidian story) & North India (Aryan story). Once the so-called “invasion theory” fell apart the nexus changed the narrative of Invasion to Migration. Now, AIT has been completely disproven.

“It took only 200 years for us to Christianise the whole of Africa, but even after 400 years India eludes us, I have come to realize that it is Sanskrit which has enabled India to do so. And to break it I have decided to learn Sanskrit.” ~Max Mueller, the propagator of the Aryan invasion theory, wrote to his wife [4]

The progress reports he provides to various people regarding his conversion agenda are impressive. What a wonderful foreigner who learnt our Sanskrit language – just to break the Indian Hindu system and malign the Vedas. What a massive insult to our Hindu teaching of “अतिथिदेवो भव:” [English translation: A guest is akin to God].

(3) Max Arthur MacAuliffe – The third British monkey focused on divide and conquer. 

Max Arthur Macauliffe & his agenda to divide Sikhs and Hindus in India
Max Arthur Macauliffe & his agenda to divide Sikhs and Hindus in India

Michael MacAuliffe, popularly known as Max Arthur MacAuliffe, was a senior British administrator, prolific scholar and author. He is infamously known for his partial translation of Sikh sacred scripture Guru Granth Sahib and history into English. The Irish-born British employee arrived in India in 1864 on a mission for the British government. The seed of division between Sikhs and Hindus was sown over 100 years ago has taken the form of a separatist movement inKhalistan, fanned by foreign nations. Essentially another geopolitical nightmare for Hindus and India.

“I have only quite recently met in Lahore young men claiming to be descendants of the Gurus, who told me that they were Hindus, and that they could not read the characters in which the sacred books of the Sikhs were written. Whether the object of their tutors and advisers was or was not to make them disloyal, such youths are ignorant of the Sikh religion, and of its prophecies favour of the English, and contract exclusive social customs and prejudices to the extent of calling us Malechhas, or persons of impure desires, and inspiring disgust for the customs and habits of Christians.” ~Max Authur MacAuliffe, The Sikh Religion – It’s Gurus, Sacred Writing And Authors, Vol 1, Preface 24-5 [5].

Portuguese Goa Inquisition & Hindu Massacre

Inquisition records reveal brutal massacres and erasure of native Hindus during the Portuguese Goa inquisition. Not a Hindu was spared. It was forceful and brutal. Temples were razed to the ground & churches built on the ruins. Hindus were forbidden from practicing their religion. It is still fresh to feel the pain of the inquisition and the deep scars it left. St. Francis Xavier, the revered saint, came to India to punish Hindus and enforce a conversion agenda.

Hindus were forced to use salt in rice. Financial/social incentives were offered to converts. Government employment and contractual work were awarded to Christian converts. Hindus were prohibited from holding public office. Hindus could not hold a gramasabha [village assembly] without a Christian. In villages where Christians became the majority, Hindus were not represented. Orphans of Hindu families were handed over to Jesuit priests to be raised as Christians. The child of even one deceased parent or guardian was taken away and baptized. Property enticement was given for conversion. In the community well, beef was placed – once Hindus consumed water, they were automatically considered Christians. Books written in Sanskrit and Marathi were confiscated and burned in public on suspicion of heresy. Hindu social fabric was erased. Rule breakers were burned alive. Auto-da-fé, (Portuguese: “act of faith”), a public ceremony during which the sentences of those brought before the Portuguese Inquisition were read and executed by the secular authorities. Public burning of heretics. Between 1560 and 1774, about 16,172 cases [6] were tried by the Inquisition court. Once the Court of Inquisition was abolished all official records were burned. Today, every Christian in Goa knows they have been converted to Christianity. Check out the instruments and tools of torture [7].

Being a Hindu was a burden. During the Muslim era, this exact situation was observed. Conversions were profitable and a way out of slavery when people were shunned and humiliated socially and economically. The entire community was converted by force, terror, deceit and not conviction. Hence the converts kept returning to Hindu dharma and culture. Lack of conviction is the primary reason the Court of Inquisition was established.

Historical References: Erasure of Prior Religion in the Lands Conquered

Spain, The Race Between Christianity & Islam

After Spain was conquered by Christians in 1492CE, by 1502CE Christian rulers issued an order to outlaw Islam and enforce forced conversion of Muslims to Christianity (Roman Catholicism). Mostly converted. About 3 million Muslims voluntarily left and resettled in North Africa [the next army of recruits prepared for commercial warfare against Christendom, launching piratical attacks from bases in Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli]. When Christian Spain was invaded by Muslims in 711 CE and conquered by the Umayyad Caliphate, Muslims wiped out Christianity and called it Al-Andalus. In 476 CE, the Visigoth tribe established rule over the Roman Empire. Who are the Visigoths? East Germanic pagans settled and established the Visigothic Kingdom in Spain and Gaul adopted Christianity on the Iberian Peninsula. The Visigoths were a branch of the Goths. The Goths were originally Germanic pagans who converted to Christianity around the 4th century. The Visigoths followed Arianism until their conversion to Nicene Christianity in the 6th century joining the Catholic Church. Who are the original people of Spain? Pre-Roman inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula who are Pre-Indo-European and Indo-European speaking pre-Celtic groups (Iberian, Vetoes, Turdentani, Aquitaine)

Byzantine Empire, Constantinople & Istanbul: Battle of Christianity & Islam

The Anatolian region was once ruled by pagans. We were told that the Roman Byzantine Emperor Constantine, a pagan, was baptized in 313 CE. Constantine’s conversion to Christianity is hugely controversial and debated. As a result of the massive appropriation of pagan festivals and rituals, they were transformed into Christian festivals. Churches and bishops received substantial concessions from Constantine. He spread the religion by bankrolling church-building projects, commissioning printed copies of the Bible, aligning theologians to push religious doctrine, and eliminating non-Christians.

Constantine's First Council of Nicaea and the goal of settling Christological issues
Constantine’s First Council of Nicaea and the goal of settling Christological issues

Before Dec 25th was celebrated as Christ’s birthday, Sol Invictus was a significant pagan festival. Dec 25 was chosen by Constantine & the Church of Rome in 336CE to outshine the Pagan Winter Solstice, #SolInvictus, #SaturnaliaFestival – a festival of the Roman Sun God where people exchanged gifts. Constantine died on May 27th 337 CE. 

This is the base of Christianity in Europe – by gaining Christian power and influence in Rome – 300+ years AFTER Christ’s death. Humans have given the figure a divine makeover after centuries in a council, and controversy has arisen over its method. Please take a look at the Council of Nicaea [8] and how in 325 CE Constantine settled the christological issue of the divine nature of God the Son and his relationship to God the Father and how they mandated uniform observance of the date of easter. Settlement of the divinity of Christ was achieved through the council [9]. That was the first uniform Christian doctrine. Thus Constantine became the first pillar of Christology, Christendom and Christianity.

History can be written if one has the power
History can be written if one has the power

Let’s check back. What religion did Turkey’s indigenous people follow? Central Asia’s ancient religion was Tengrism (Tengriism, Tergerism, Tengrianism) based on Shamanism.

Once Ottoman Sultan Muslim Mehmet II (Mehmed) conquered the Byzantine empire in 1453 CE, ending Christian rule, and subsequently wiping out Christianity by the mid 15th century making it Islamic until the British dismantled the Ottoman Empire in the 20th century. In the not too distant future, we will observe the rise of an Islamic country of Turkey. This is despite Turkey claiming to be a democracy and acting like an open society. As of today, 99.8% of the Turkish population is Muslim, 78% of which are Hanafi Sunni Muslims.


Who are America’s indigenous peoples? What faith did they practice? How many remain? Why were their communities wiped out? By whom? When were they converted? Although modern America was built as a Christian nation, the real battle between Islam and Christianity is likely to start here sooner than we think. Are American issues caused by 1% Hindus?

But Hindus are trapped between Christianity, Islam and Communism in America. Hindus are caught in America because Hindus are associated with India. Hindus are caught in the line of fire because Hindus are easy targets. Since Hindus do not fiercely speak up for Hindu communities and hold institutions accountable, they are sandwiched between Christianity, Islam and Communism. Although neither Hindus nor India are part of America’s historical mess, 1% of Hindus in America are an easy target. Therefore Hindus and Hindutva(ism) can be criticized, maligned, segregated, discriminated against, and eliminated. This is a manifestation of Neo-racism.

Tolerance is a Farce

Have you heard about the persecution of the pagan population under Theodosius I [10], which began in 381 CE? To begin with, he faked tolerance towards pagans because he needed the support of the powerful pagan ruling class. Furthermore, the non-Christian population was greater than 50 percent at the time. He is known for his false promises of support to preserve pagan temples, festivals, rites, rituals, statues etc. Immediately, Theodosius I unleashed his agenda against heretics, Christian apostates, and attempted to eradicate paganism. By enacting the infamous “Theodosian decrees” paganism was banned, temple visits were forbidden, pagan holidays were abolished, and sacred fires were extinguished. The State deprived pagans of funds, destroyed pagan temples and holy sites, images, and objects. He banned the public celebration of pagan rituals. Pagans weakened under severe pressure. By the early 6th century, they had eliminated pagan religion from the region. In the last 1400 years, there has been a conflict between Islam and Christianity in large parts of the world.

India Today: Hindus are a Minorities in Many Pockets

Northeast India had been practically taken over by the Abrahamic faiths. In several states of India, Hindus have become a micro-minority today. They only account for a tiny percentage of the population. In Mizoram Hindus are now 2.75% with majority Christian converts), in Lakshyadeep 2.75% Hindus remain with majority convert-Muslims, in Nagaland 8.75% Hindus remain while the majority are converted into Christianity. In Meghalaya Hindus remain 11.53%, in Jammu & Kashmir 28.44%, and in Arunachal Pradesh 29.04%. In several states, Hindus are under 50% – Punjab (38.49%), Manipur (41.39%). The largest church in Asia is Zünheboto Sümi Baptist Church located in Zünheboto, Nagaland, India. St. Thomas Church Palayoor property in Trissur district in Kerala claims to be the oldest church in Asia. Catholic Church of India [11] is the largest non-agricultural landowner after Govt. of India.

Hindus respect all religions. Thus, conversion entities take advantage of Hinduism’s warmth and willingness to converse with strangers. Hindus are easily converted to Christianity. They also set up numerous schools and universities in the region to spread their faith. In India, major convent schools funded by foreign funds are where well-to-do Hindu parents send their children for education. As part of their South Asian studies department, Harvard-like educational institutions spread anti-Hindu propaganda. The result has been a dramatic increase in Christians in India.

Telugu-speaking Indian Americans make up the majority. Currently, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Jagan Mohan Reddy is a Crypto Christian-convert with a Hindu name. Similar approach to what Theodosius adopted transpired with CM Reddy. State sponsored christianization of Andhra Pradesh has been happening consistently for decades – it’s an open secret [12]. How is that acceptable that an atheist/christian is appointed to the Tirupati Balaji Hindu temple board? Maintaining SC/ST reservation status to obtain welfare benefits from the Indian government. Hindu temples are bulldozed and Christian crosses appear. Check out the depth of Christian evangelism in Andhra Pradesh [13].

Open secret of Andhra Pradesh, conversion data is kept hidden
Open secret of Andhra Pradesh, conversion data is kept hidden

In the north, rampant Christian evangelical conversion is occurring in Punjab. However, converts keep their identity ‘stealthy’. Word is on the grapevine that current Chief Minister Bhagwan Mann is a Christian convert with a Sikh looking pagdi (turban), more precisely Pagdiwala-Christians. Christians jumped from 1.5% to ~15% in Punjab [14]. Former CM Channi even set up a chair of Lord Jesus Christ in a university in the state. The world’s fourth largest church is being built in Jalandhar, Punjab – yes, it will be in India [15]. While Muslims have a target of conquering India by 2047 – right at the mark of 100 years of so-called independence from the cunning British…Christianity is not far behind either. Have you heard of Pastor Ankur Narula? Popular convert Narula started his ministry a few years ago. By 2009 the church grew to 500 members, by 2013 it reached 13,000 members, in 2014, the church had 18,000 members and now, it has reached over 300,000 members. A FEW HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE ARE BAPTIZED IN ONE MONTH. Oh, don’t rush. He cures every disease. If only Joe Biden knew, he might have fulfilled his cancer cure promise. Read on. Meanwhile, if the pope visited such a place he would not have to use a wheelchair. Unheard of it a decade ago, now every village has a church in Punjab.

Under the reign of a deeply anti-Hindu chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, Hindus were mercilessly slaughtered in West Bengal. Islamic conversion of Hindus in West Bengal under Communist Banerjee’s reign is unrestrained. Recently CBI launched probe [16].

One of the biggest targets of Christian missionaries in the southern region are Tamilians who bought into the British agenda of the Dravidian/Aryan division of notorious Max Muller’s now debunked Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT). These are the same entities/people who are behind the caste imposition agenda on Hindus in America [politicians are in hand in gloves with these entities]. Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister is a Christian named MK Stalin (talk about Marxism and Christianity). Forcible conversion by evangelical elements is in full swing in Tamil Nadu [17]. Tamil Nadu was never so flooded with Christian conversion prior to DMK Stalin’s government, uprooting Hindu foundations so rapidly [18]

Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is a Marxist. The recent #TheKeralaStoryMovie depicted the horror of Kerala’s majority Hindu girls (plus a few Christian girls) who have been brainwashed and converted to Islam to join ISIS. 

Saffron is the newest color of choice, NathPurnima.com
Saffron is the newest color of choice, NathPurnima.com

These days Christian missionaries are not just distributing Jesus’ Sahastranama, or performing “Kirtan” in churches but wearing saffron clothing with a cross [19]. Enjoy the Kristhu Sahara Namam in Sanskrit below [20]. Christ has also received the Hindu Sahastranama makeover…cultural appropriation at its finest, following in Constantine’s footsteps right.

India certainly had a lack of dev/devis. Here are some links for you – Kristhu Saharanamam [21]. Jesus Sahasranamam [22].

Key Foreign Players Influencing USCIRF

In 1947 at the time of India’s division and the British’s departure there were only 2% of Christians. The 2011 census shows Christianity was 2.3%. Conservative estimates of Christians in India are 6-8%. It is not fantasy to suggest that the real number of Christians in India is now estimated between 10-14%. The reason the census number does not reflect this is because of the deliberate attempt of concealed conversion activities. Keeping Christian identity secret is also strategic as the person preserves SC status intact for claiming government welfare benefits. Known as Crypto-Converts, these people use Hindu names to fool majority Hindus, but have already converted into other Abrahamic religions, keeping their identities secret.

Listen to the glorifying report of tremendous Christianity growth in India from the horse’s mouth, Pastor Valson Abraham [23]He is the Founder of India Christian Assembly, Los Angeles & Founder of India Gospel Outreach dedicated to planting churches in each of India’s 28,000+ postal codes. Abraham plans to plant churches in each of India’s 3,000 castes, and tribes and among the Indian diaspora in other nations. Mr. Abraham is the grandson of Pastor K.E. Abraham, the founder of the largest indigenous denomination, India Pentecostal Church (IPC). He is also a director of India Bible College & Seminary where 100s of students are trained each year for the full time ministry of church planting. American Christian NGOs are involved in every state – and in one state 600% growth in 10 years [300 churches 10 years ago to today 1800 churches] was seen. Within less than 10 years, the fourth generation of churches emerged in another state. Historically, the State of Punjab has shown massive resistance to gospel. However, it has been broken & millions of Sikhs have been converted [24]. In a covert and secretive process, indigenous Hindu Vedic Indic faith is being erased one village at a time.

Listen to John Prabhu Doss from the Federation of Indian American Christians of North America. This is one of the key propaganda organizations associated with the United States Council of International Religious Forums (USCIRF) [25].

A non-profit organization registered in Texas, US, Prosecution Relief was founded by Shibu Thomas [26]. It is NOT a registered organization in India. Mr. Shibu Thomas speaks of 300 WhatsApp groups with 50,000 members with State coordinators in every state. These agendas began in 2015 immediately after PM Narendra Modi was elected PrimeMinister. No coincidence there right? Mr. Thomas led the Minority wing of Christians under BJP for over 12 years in Madhya Pradesh with impressive connections with top politicians and clout.

Watch how conversions occurred in Andhra Pradesh [27]. Please tell me how secular India is by taxing Hindu temples to support Muslim Hajj and fund Muslim imams. In contrast, Hindu temples are desecrated and demolished? But no Christian churches or Muslim mosques or other religious places are taxed? Quite the tolerant and benevolent Hindus, eh? This must be the ONLY SECULAR country that cannot save a 10,000 year old civilization.

Evangelists and Islamists enterprise engaged in fiction and fabrication exposed by @DisinfoLab [28]Please educate us how as an indigenous Hindus we must become more tolerant for propaganda against the last Hindu land and the indigenous faith.

Connecting the Dots:

The land of India is no different. 

Given that India recently became the largest populated country in the world [with a so-called democracy and freedom of religion for all foreign religions except the indigenous religion of Hindutva(ism)], she now is the largest global consumer market for global businesses and corporations. Besides the recent accomplishment of becoming the 5th largest economy in the globe, India’s growth story has been impressive over the last 9 years. Corporates steer attention from China to India as India’s development-focused policies yield better results. Growing India is a problem for many foreign interests. This truly brought the Hindu diaspora under spotlight. By targeting the Hindu diaspora, enemies of India accomplish an unmatched goal – the annihilation of Hindutva (ism). 

India is the biggest battleground for Christian missionaries, Islamic powers and Communists. All these foreign constructs are in a direct opposition to indigenous Hindu ideology. Yet, Hindus can coexist – which they have demonstrated for centuries. However, global Hindus have zero chances of surviving if they do not fiercely oppose the internationally concerted agenda against Hindus and India. Who will conquer the Hindus (“beastly people with a beastly religion”)? Will India be a Muslim nation by 2047 as per the PFI manifesto? Or will India be a Christian country? Or will India be a Communist country?

Jw.org Magazine for targeting Indian Brown Hindu people Pg1-Pg8
Jw.org Magazine for targeting Indian Brown Hindu people Pg1-Pg8
Jw.Org Magazine for the Indian Hindu Brown people Pg9-Pg16
Jw.Org Magazine for the Indian Hindu Brown people Pg9-Pg16

To the global Hindu community: Designed specifically to cater to Indian Hindu brown people in all parts of the world, Jw.org magazine depicts Indian clothes and jewelry in an attractive fashion, making the message more attractive for Hindu people to embrace Christianity. This is why our ancestors fought against British Christian missionaries and rejected Islam’s advances. Your 10,000-year-old civilization is worthless. Your country did not exist before 1947 until the British civilized you and brought architecture and development, as western intellectuals claim. Should you not learn from the other ancient civilizations that fell and adopted the Abrahamic book and prophet? Why have you not been annihilated yet? Are you ready to put the final nail on the coffin and eliminate Hindutva from the earth? Are you ready to civilize the barbaric Hindu people? Who will be the masters of Hindus?

To America: As for the 1% Hindu population [peacefully co-existing with no complaints, no demands, no interferences, not asking for welfare, not burdening society, not illegally crossing borders] in the United States, can we live without converting to Christianity? Or are we going to continue to be targeted, bullied, belittled, and discriminated against? Additionally, must we be forced to mock our religion to fit in with a larger community?

Until next time, 



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Purnima Nath
Purnima Nathhttp://nathpurnima.com
TV Panelist. Writer. Geopolitical analyst. HINDU #SecMkeGop #2022GopStateAssemblyC and Founder of Spindle India, a nonprofit. Purnima writes on Geopolitics, Foreign Affairs, and national security.


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