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BJP Leader Satya Kumar slams Andhra Government’s Nizam Rule


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In our previous article, we did raise the alarm that how Jagan Reddy’s government is pushing its conversion agenda and they are converting Andhra Pradesh into a Christian Pradesh. Where we exposed the policies of the Andhra Pradesh Government and the way they are treating Hindus and spreading the agenda of appeasement in the state.

BJP’s National Secretory V. Satya Kumar slammed the Jagan Reddy’s government for its apathy towards Hindus in the state. He shared the pain of Hindus and exposed the evil intentions of Jagan Reddy.

Satya Kumar compared Jagan’s rule with Nizam, which was highly anti-hindu in nature. HE further added that Hindus temples are looted, plundered and razed with full impunity from the ruling elites. Jagan Reddy’s government has set it’s idol as the Jihadi Nizam rule and that is why he is letting one after the other Hindu temples being attacked and destroyed.

Hindus can’t even expect any Police investigation, as Andhra Police not even properly acknowledged the anti hindu vandalism that is taking place right under Andhra Government’ss nose. Hindus are made to suffer, their religious beliefs and places of worship attacked under the current regime.

He further added that if this anti hindu mentality of the Jagan regime goes on, the day will not be too far when Hindus would have to pay “Jaziya” or the religious tax to the state by virtue of being a Hindu. But he dared the Government that till there is a BJP in the state, it will never let Hindus become a minority or second class citizens in their own land. We will fight tooth and nail against any attack on Hindus.

It seems people pf Andhra are in terrible pain. They don’t have any good option to choose for governance. They were fed up with Chandra Babu Naidu’s corrupt and despotic rule and thought that Jagan Reddy might provide them good governance. But they got the shock of their loves, as Jagan is working like a Nizam and his only objective is to demean Hindus and promote conversion in the state.


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