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BJP Leader exposed corruption in BMC; Shiv Sena leader Jadhav threatened to ‘Finish’ him


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It seems the tussle between BJP and Shiv Sena is far from over. Now BJP group leader at BMC, Vinod Mishra has accused the Shiv Sena senior corporator, Yashwant Jadhav of verbal abuse and death threats.

Recently Vinod Mishra had written to the Controller and Auditor General of India, Maharashtra, Municipal chief, and Additional Municipal commissioner to expose the misuse of funds in beat no 209 of E ward, by Shiv Sena leader Jadhav. Shiv Sena leader Jadhav had floated tenders worth Rs 5 crores for acquiring 30 food trucks in his ward and violated the tendering process.

Picture Credit – Vinod Mishra’s FB post
Picture Credit – Vinod Mishra’s FB post

Anguished Jadhav called out for a press conference and made corruption charges on Mishra and said that “the standing committee had allotted Rs 173 crores to the BJP, one should ask them where these funds have been used,”.

Past that Vinod Mishra shared screen-shots of a conversation over WhatsApp between him and Jadhav where the latter has verbally abused the former.
Mishra stated that he had written to Jadhav’s office demanding concrete evidence of the allegations made by him.

Picture Credit – Vinod Mishra’s FB post
Picture Credit – Vinod Mishra’s FB post

Shiv Sena leader Jadhav has shown the actual character of Shiv Sena, they commit corruption and then abuse and give death threats to the people who are exposing them. Jadhav has not only defamed his stature but also his party and the corporate body.

In one of the chat messages shared by Mishra, Jadhav had allegedly threatened both suicide and murder. Vinod Mishra has already lodged an FIR against Jadhav and that he soon will be moving to the Bombay High Court for further action.


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