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Big News : George Soros and OSF thrown out of European Union


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George Soros and his nefarious organization OSF (Open Society Foundations) have been thrown out of EU after backlash against his open borders policies which has seen Europe flooded with illegal immigrants. Soros family, known for their hatred towards PM Modi, have been forced to flee the European Union and cease all operations due to increasing public anger towards them.

Soros’s OSF says it is “closing all regional and global programs within EU”. Economic offender Soros during Adani crisis had said that PM Modi’s stranglehold on India’s Govt would now weaken, paving the way for “democratic revival in India”. Indian Govt strongly objected to this and called him a dangerous person.

Open Society Foundations, the charity founded by billionaire George Soros, plans to withdraw or terminate large parts of its work within the European Union as it shifts focus to other parts of the world, according to an internal email seen by Reuters.

The decision means the charitable network will move away from work related to internal European affairs and focus on the region in the context of larger global issues, according to the email sent to employees.

“Ultimately, the new approved strategic direction provides for withdrawal and termination of large parts of our current work within the European Union, shifting our focus and allocation of resources to other parts of the world,” the email said.

“This shift is not a reflection on past work and the many contributions by staff over the years, but rather a forward-looking decision rooted in future opportunities to make a significant impact.”

The foundation announced in June that 93-year-old financier Soros would hand over his $25 billion grant-making foundation to his son Alex and in July unveiled plans to lay off 40% of its global staff in a strategic shift.

The internal email did not detail how the foundation would shift its funding but a spokesperson said the group would continue to back civil society groups across Europe, including those working on EU external affairs while maintaining support for European Roma communities.

“The Open Society Foundations is changing the way we work, but my family and OSF have long supported, and remain steadfastly committed to the European project,” Alex Soros, chairman of the Open Society Foundations, said in a statement emailed to Reuters.

Soros and OSF are considered as Enemy of Europe

In recent years, Soros and OSF have become the focus of negative campaigns by rightwing politicians in the US and Europe, who vilify them often with antisemitic undertones.

One of the most vocal opponents of Soros has been Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán, a onetime protégé of the financier who has turned against him and claimed he forced a liberal ideology and mass immigration on to reluctant Europeans.

Orbán’s government in 2018 forced the Soros-founded Central European University, a top-ranked college, to relocate to Vienna, claiming it did not fulfil local laws, such as requiring universities to have undergraduate programmes. CEU was a graduate-only institution.

But Soros-founded NGOs continued to operate in Hungary. The prime minister’s political director Balázs Orbán, no relation, claimed in a Facebook post that “the occupying forces only really leave when the last Soros soldier leaves Europe and Hungary. We are still far from that”.

Michiel van Hulten, EU director at Transparency International, said OSF was instrumental to European civil society. TI has received about a quarter of its annual finding from OSF.

“Arguably no organisation has done more to strengthen the role of European civil society in the last 30 years than OSF, starting with its groundbreaking work in central and eastern Europe after the fall of communism,” van Hulten told the FT.

“An abrupt departure from Europe at a time when political populism is on the rise and the rule of law is increasingly under threat seems counterintuitive and would risk undoing much of the progress that has been achieved.”

Alberto Alemanno, professor of EU law at HEC Paris, said on the social platform X that with EU elections due in June next year the OSF decision “couldn’t come at worse time for European integration and its civil society . . . Conservative religious right’s philanthropy is ready to fill the gap”.

NGOs were lobbying the OSF leadership to reverse course or at least scale back the planned cuts, said a person familiar with the matter.

The organisation, which distributes about $1.5bn a year globally, will continue to fund programmes in non-EU countries of Europe such as Ukraine, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, and the western Balkans, an OSF said.


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