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Bharat is a country where WOMAN is worshipped in all forms throughout the year.

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Some women keep asking me why I find wishing them on women’s day trivial…..They think I am stretching the anti feminist stand t oo far…..here you go!

We are in the month of Phalgun.the great festival of holi played by Radha Krishna…where Radha assumes the importance over Krishna…
Closely follows is the Chaitra month ushering the Navratri which is worshipped throughout the country worshipping the devi of Shakthi for Nine days….
The Jyashtha month commemorates Savitri…who had the power of giving life back to her husband..
The month of Shravan ( Saawan) is most popularly a month dedicated to girls and women who merrily swing on jhoola … sing , dance …in my native state Rajasthan ..mehandi is adorned on their palms..they are pampered with sweets and savouries
Bhadra (Bhaado)…is the month that begins with Rakhi Poornima a festival hailing the sister as a devi..again establishing the equivalence between a brother and a sister.
The Bhadra month celebrates a great goddess Rani Sati in Rajasthan with great fanfare.
Ashvin is the month of saluting valour of goddess Durga and her eulogy and deification is a phenomenon seen to be believed in entire Bengal.
The month of Kartik hails the goddess of power – Kali…and people bow to the great Shakti in utmost reverence
Magha is the month of worshipping the goddess of wisdom Saraswati….

Thus we are part of the country where a WOMAN is worshipped in all forms throughout the year…

No wonder then ” happy woman’s day” sounds funny to me.

*Born to believe in the power in me –
Sarita.K Chamaria

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