Batukeshwar Dutt won the freedom struggle but lost the life of recognition. The great freedom fighter born on 18 November 1910, in Burdhman, West Bengal. The revolutionary is known for the contribution made in consonance with that of Bhagat Singh’s leadership.

He was 19 when he along with the great Bhagat singh hurled two bombs at the Central Legislative Assembly at Delhi. Batukeshwar Dutt was mentally adult enough to understand the objective of disobedience to Colonialist’s regressive laws.

The word ‘forgotten’ used in the piece is because of the blatant ignorance of Indian peace loving public.
However, post impact of the bombing by great Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt changed Batukeshwar Dutt’s struggle to freedom in a silent manner. And Dutt was being sent for ‘Kala-pani’ hereby also known as ‘cellular jail’, Andaman and Nicobar and sentenced for life by Sessions Judge of Delhi. The bravery of Dutt is obvious with the fact that, after exploding the Legislative Assembly. They showered leaflets of INQUILAB ZINDABAD and shouted.

Then the day of independence came, when Dutt was finally released from the jail. But the life was insensitive to him since no recognition of him was made for the sacrifices. Nobody knew that Dutt accompanied the great Bhagat singh to shook the foundation of Britishers. However, Dutt had to work in a cigarette factory to earn his bread butter.

Dutt also participated in Quit India Movement in 1942 for which he was arrested and released after Independence.
Dutt in an excerpt of Manmathnath Gupt published work says, ‘During our political discussion, he, like other of our comrades, used to say that this is not the freedom (swarajya) we fought for, we never fought for this, and we wanted something different”.
The unrecognised life of Dutt should have always been remember as an act of valour. Ironically, he was forced by the circumstances to work as a travel guide despite his exceptional contribution.

The subsequent instance of 1964, when Dutt fell ill and couldn’t find a bed in Patna. Another friend of him, wrote a letter expressing disgrace, “that India doesn’t deserve a revolutionary”, “God has made a mistake by producing a valiant man like Batukeshwar Dutt in India. He is struggling to stay alive in the country for whose freedom he sacrificed his whole life,” that letter got recognised and later he got treated.

Batukeshwar Dutt took his last breath on July 20, 1965 and was laid to rest next to his comrades Bhagat Singh.


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