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Pankaj Jayswal

Pankaj Jagannath Jayswal, has written more 70 articles/blogs till date in English, Hindi and Marathi. Write 3 to 4 articles every month. I write on Politics, Social, Educational, Environment, Science and technology , History  and spiritual. Authored 3 books as well.

How IT Industry is shaping the future of India?

The 21st century is earmarked as Information Technology-driven and India is at the Centre of global attraction and is considered a knowledge powerhouse. The...

Importance of Vedic Knowledge in Modern Times

Why was it that we Indians, always look at what is wrong with India and never appreciate what is great about our country? As...

How is India faring in space exploration

Humankind is interested to know everything in the universe. The curiosity to know the unknown scientifically resulted in exploring the every aspect of space...

Reality of Migration of Hindus to India…

It has been substantiated by many world scientists, Archeologists, Geologist, and Biologist that India was great in all respect whether it was culture, Science...

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