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AS Dulat: An Ex-RAW Chief, known for serving the interests of Congress, ISI, and Pakistan.


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The film The Kashmir Files has revolutionized the box office like never before. The film is set in Kashmir in the early 1990s and shows the horrendous genocide of Kashmiri Hindus while putting some light on its after-effects and contributing factors.

While the people and even the government is praising and supporting the movie, there are few who feel The Kashmir Files only furthers the communal chasm in the country by singling out Muslims as the villains when in reality they too were victims.

One such critic of The Kashmir Files is Ex RAW Chief AS Dulat. He said that this movie had evoked polarising recollections of those times. He also stated that he has not watched the movie and had no plans to do so. “I don’t see propaganda. And it is a propaganda movie” he said.

Dulat has served as chief of the Research and Analysis Wing from 1999 to 2000. Before which, during the early 1990s, he was posted as the Kashmir station chief for the Intelligence Bureau, India’s domestic intelligence agency. After he retired from RA&W, Dulat served as then prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s advisor on Kashmir from 2001 to 2004.

AS Dulat is known for supporting and spreading the Congress’s propaganda on the Kashmir issue, he is indeed whitewashed the brutal genocide and exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley, stating that the general perception of the migration of Kashmiri Hindus differed from the reality.

He criticized the role of Jagmohan, the governor of Jammu and Kashmir, he stated that while he was governor till August 1989, the environment had altered beyond recognition by the time he returned the following January. “When these killings started, he didn’t want the pandits to bear the brunt of it. So once they started leaving, he was quite happy” Dulat stated implying that when the Kashmiri pandit migration from Kashmir began, Jagmohan was relieved.

Why AS Dulat always takes an Anti-Indian stance?

AS Dulat has often been accused of being a person with a soft corner for Pakistan, he often furthered Congress propaganda on Kashmir and Pakistan. In 2015, Dulat called the infamous hijacking of IC-814 a “goof up” on India’s part, as India was unable to immobilize the airplane when it was grounded in Amritsar before taking off from India.

Here it is important to know that Dulat was the Raw Chief then, and he handled the negotiation with the Terrorist group. This unfortunate incident led to the release of three dreaded terrorists, including JeM chief Masood Azhar.

Dulat called ISI World’s best Spy Agency and wrote a book with ISI Chief

AS Dulat is known for heaping the praises on Pakistan’s secret intelligence agency ISI. He called it the world’s best intelligence agency. Former RAW officer busts his claim about the ISI.

It was Dulat who co-authored a book “The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace” with ISI chief Asad Durrani. Unfortunately, this book was launched in Delhi, in presence of the then Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Upon release of this book, the Pakistani establishment barred Durrani from leaving the country.

Picture Credit – The DNA

Then it was AS Dulat, who spoke out in defense of his friend, former ISI chief Asad Durrani. Dulat defended him and said that “there was no reason why retired Lieutenant General Asad Durrani should face the heat for his opinion when no action was taken against former foreign secretary Riaz Mohammad Khan”.

Dulat – An avid Modi hater

Dulat is known for having an extremely critical stance against the current Modi government. He made an absurd statement after India conducted the surgical strikes and Balakot strike against Pakistan, he said that “Modi is milking the current situation to the extreme”. Well, taking revenge from an enemy country is certainly not considered as milking the situation.

He supports Yaseen Malik

Yaseen Malik is a terrorist who killed Indian Airforce Officers and several other common Kashmiris in the late 80s and early 90s. After watching The Kashmir Files, now everyone is aware of the role of Yasin Malik behind the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus, and people are demanding that Yasin Malik should be prosecuted for his sins.

While replying to a reporter on Yasin Malik’s question, Dulat said: “How can you get into this one-upmanship of suffering, of who has the higher body count? What will we achieve by hanging Yasin Malik after three decades? Shabbir Shah went to the camps in Jammu, appealing to the Pandits to return. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq can be used productively to make the same appeal to the Pandits, but how many want to go back?”

He often found with Pakistani personnel and celebrities, who are close to ISI. Here he is with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar, who is known for her strict anti-India stance.

Well, we certainly don’t know what his intentions are, but he is apparently not speaking like a patriot Indian. His obsession with Pakistan and ISI is undigestible and he never shies away from expressing his admiration of the Pakistani establishment. We are certainly afraid of what kind of mayhem he would have created in IB and RAW during his tenure. Such people should be filtered out, otherwise, they only compromise our nation’s security.


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