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Armed Muslim boys enter the building and threaten Hindu girls with kidnapping unless they become their buddies


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In addition to the recent reports of minor girls being burned, raped, and hanged, a gang of Muslim men are alleged to have entered a school while brandishing pistols and threatening Hindu girls to accept their friendship offers.

They allegedly threatened the girls with kidnapping if they weren’t their buddies in front of the teaching staff, in plain daylight.

The Ormanjhi Police Station received the complaint of the event.

The incident reportedly took place at the Project Plus-2 high school in Ormanjhi. The accused further threatened the teachers and pupils who complained with dire consequences.

The girls told their parents about the incident after it happened. Parents went to the Ormanjhi Police Station after a discussion on the subject was held there on Saturday and filed a formal complaint against three named and a number of anonymous defendants.

The suspects were named as Firdaus Ansari, Tauseef Ansari and Zameen Ansari.

According to reports, police have filed a FIR under the criminal intimidation provisions of the IPC against them.

According to sources in the local media, since Teacher’s Day celebrations conducted on the school’s premises, which the accused males had also attended, the girls at the school had been subjected to these threats for the past week.

A generator set was also allegedly vandalised by them. Following the incident, they also beat up a few instructors and pupils.

Loitering around schools and colleges on two-wheelers

‘This is a typical tactic employed for attracting Hindu females from schools and colleges. Pretending to have a refined living style, they wander among schools and colleges like ‘Road Romeos’.

Using a mobile phone to make a call

Mobile phones are widely utilised to get in touch with Hindu girls. Jihadi lads receive training in using mobile devices to flirt with Hindu women. This strategy is mainly utilised against the school and college-going girls, working-women and girl students of ‘Information Technology’ branch of engineering colleges.

Mobile phone numbers of Hindu girls are offered to Jihadi lads by store owners who provide the facility of recharging mobile phones. A Malayalam Daily in Kerala reported that stores that offer phone recharge services in Jihadi-dominated neighbourhoods of various cities furnish Jihadi youths with the mobile numbers of Hindu ladies.

Young Jihadi guys from economically disadvantaged groups are encouraged to take part in “Love Jihad” by offering them financial aid and other opportunities for admission to technical and professional schools. These guys are then given rewards and given access to numerous cultural events so they can win the attention of Christian or Hindu women. Following this preliminary groundwork, the treacherous plot of counterfeit love is carried out.


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