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An Ex-ATS Officer EXPOSED how Hemant Karkare & Parambir Singh planted RDX to incriminate Col Purohit in the fake ‘Hindutva Terror’ case.


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Mumbai Police commissioner is in regular controversy since the day he assumed the position. Be it terrible investigation lapses in Sushant Singh Rajput’s case, be it his personal vendetta against Arnab Goswami, or be it his fake press conference to expose some TRP scam, where he did a summersault and took the name of Republic, instead of India Today, which was actually listed in the FIR.

Here comes another massive controversy, which will dent the image of Parambir Singh, and this is from the Police Force itself. Ex-Maharashtra ATS Inspector Mehboob Abdul Karim, exposed how Hemant Karkare and Parambir Singh planted RDX to incriminate Colonel Purohit in 2008 and sent him behind the bars, after torturing him brutally.

He further added that he wanted to submit the necessary evidence to this effect in court when he appears as a witness. However, Maharashtra Police and Government acted against him and suspended him and he is without salary for the last 10 years.

Republic Channel ran an exposing report on this incident, which is shocking as well as devastating for us.

Here it is important to note that, there were enough of evidences against few personnel involved and their complicity in this conspiracy. Those person were neither arrested by the then Maharashtra Government and Central Government. Even the Ram Pradhan Committee report exposed that there were 16 odd secret intelligence alerts to Mumbai Police just before 26/11 happened, but all were ignored, god known on whose behest.

We would like to appreciate Inspector Mehboob Abdul Karim of Maharashtra ATS, for standing solidly for truth and exposing the obnoxious, heinous, and anti-Indian acts of Hemant Karkare, Param Bir Singh & Co. We are hopeful that Truth will prevail very soon nd these criminals will be behind the bars.


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