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Amravati: A Muslim mob attacked Hindus, destroyed their properties to avenge Tripura Violence; As usual Maharashtra government is in deep slumber


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Maharashtra is witnessing massive turmoil since the MahaVikas Aghadi government is ruling. We have seen many communal clashes, anti-Hindu incidents, and several other instances of misgovernance and anti-Hindu tirade. The latest such incident happened in Amravati today, where a mob of Muslims attacked Hindus, destroyed their properties, and created communal tension.

As per the reports, hundreds of Muslims were staging a protest against the so-called anti-muslim violence in Tripura. The below message was circulated on social media and WhatsApp groups, and several Muslim organizations asked Muslims to come to District Magistrate’s office and initiate a protest.

Well, staging a protest is a constitutional right, but things go awry with Muslim mobs, and this is not the first time. As per the reports, the Muslim mob was carrying the national flag to showcase it as a nationalist protest. However, after a while, things turned nasty and they started attacking Hindus, their establishments, and shops.

Tweet Source – Karan Sharma

They started pelting stones, personally beating Hindus, and destroying their properties to avenge the so-called anti-muslim Tripura violence. According to the locals, several Hindus were beaten, their cars were broken as well.

You can see the pictures here.

The most shocking part is, the local police were standing like a mute spectators and didn’t try to take any action against the jihadi mob. The police were even aware of this protest, but they didn’t take any proactive action to secure the interests of Hindus in that area.

Well, that is understandable and at least we are not shocked by this behavior, as the same Maharashtra police were standing as a mute spectators when 2 Hindu Saints were lynched in Palghar last year.

The Tripura violence followed clashes between Hindu groups and the police. The groups were protesting against the police refusing them permission to hold a rally against recent attacks on Hindus in neighboring Bangladesh.

At least seven people were killed, temples desecrated, and hundreds of houses and businesses of the Hindu minority torched in Bangladesh earlier this month after rumors spread that the Quran had been insulted at a special pavilion set up for the annual Hindu religious festival of Durga Puja.

Well, this is a common modus operandi of Muslims, they create unrest on unnecessary issues, create opportunities to attack Hindus, and show their dominance over other communities. As usual, the Media is also keeping quiet on this issue, and no national news house has covered this news yet.

Till now Maharashtra Government hasn’t taken any action against the mob, and we have the least expectations from them. As far as BJP is concerned, their Amravati unit has called a bandh against this blatant violation of the law and order situation.



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