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Amethi – Fake Propaganda and usage of SC-ST act against Upper Caste Hindus EXPOSED

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In October last year, we heard a piece of news that a Dalit village head’s husband died from burns in Amethi after having been set on fire. His family claimed that he was killed over electoral rivalry and have lodged a complaint against five people. All of them belonging to the upper castes, of whom three have been arrested.

Arjun Kori (45), the husband of Bhadoiya village head Chhotka Devi, was found with serious burns and he died while being taken to a Lucknow hospital for treatment. This issue was fuelled out of proportion and it was propagated as an issue between Upper Caste Hindus and Dalit Hindus.

Media also tried and mislead the people and run this story without any verification of the facts. As usual, every media was blaming Upper Caste Hindus, only @FDikhana investigated and bring out the actual facts about this issue. Moreover, due to their extensive report, the so-called victim side has changed their statement and said it was a suicide attempt by Dalit Pradhan. Here is a copy of the new statement.

Picture Credit – Shubham Sharma

Now think when the incident happened a dying declaration of the deceased man went viral where he was blaming the Upper Caste Hindus for the incident. He said they kidnapped him and put him on fire. Just like Hathras. Govt gave 5 lacs as compensation.

All Upper caste Hindus are in jail for the last 3 months with no legal respite. One of the accused Rajesh Mishra’s mother died recently and he missed her mother’s funeral. All these pain and miseries were only due to the draconian SC-ST act and nefarious propaganda by the mainstream media.

The credit of the turnaround should be given to the independent journalists and groups, who have dig down and put forth all the facts in the public domain. Else, just imagine how many innocent lives have been destroyed by such fake cases. Here we must remember that several lakhs of such fraud cases have been reported every year and Lakhs of false SC/ST act cases have not been reported..

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