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Allegations of Exploitation and Harassment Rock Delhi Government Hospital; AAP MLA Accused.


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In a distressing revelation, female employees at a government hospital in Burari, Delhi, have come forward with allegations of exploitation and harassment in exchange for work. These courageous women have shed light on a distressing ordeal, accusing top officials at the hospital of pressuring them into engaging in physical relations. They claim that refusal to comply leads to incessant harassment.

The shocking revelations have prompted the National Commission for Women (NCW) to take swift action, acknowledging the severity of the allegations. According to the aggrieved women, individuals associated with the local AAP MLA, Sanjeev Jha, are reportedly involved in these reprehensible acts within the hospital premises. They allege that Jha’s associates facilitate job placements in exchange for money, and they also shield the accused individuals from accountability.

The gravity of these allegations cannot be understated. The testimonies of these women paint a distressing picture of abuse of power and exploitation within the hospital’s confines. The vulnerability of these employees, coerced into compromising situations under the threat of job security, highlights a systemic issue that demands immediate attention and robust measures to ensure justice prevails.

The alleged involvement of individuals associated with the AAP MLA, Sanjeev Jha, has brought additional scrutiny and concern to the forefront. Accusations of his associates’ complicity in offering employment opportunities for monetary gain and shielding wrongdoers have cast a shadow over the integrity of the hospital’s operations.

It’s imperative that a thorough and impartial investigation be conducted to ascertain the veracity of these claims. The National Commission for Women’s intervention marks an essential step toward ensuring the protection and rights of these aggrieved women. Swift action must be taken to address the systemic flaws that allowed such exploitation to persist within a government institution.


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