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Akbaruddin Owaisi’and Raja Singh: How the One is roaming freely and other is facing life threats


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The Bharatiya Janata Party suspended Goshamahal MLA T Raja Singh on August 23 over an alleged tweet on Prophet Muhammad. Raja Singh was arrested earlier on Tuesday after severe protests broke out last night at the South Zone DCP office in Hyderabad, where protesters demanded immediate action against Singh and chanted ‘Sar Tan Se Juda,’ an Islamist chant calling for his beheading for ‘blasphemy’ against Prophet Muhammad.

The BJP’s decision to suspend Raja Singh has enraged even party sympathizers online, comparable to the response to Nupur Sharma’s suspension from the party.

On Monday, August 21, Raja Singh tweeted a comedy video in which protestors believe he used insulting words regarding Prophet Muhammad. Several others filed complaints against Singh, alleging that he had offended Islamists’ religious sensitivities. According to accounts, calls for his beheading were also made at the police station. The BJP MLA was then charged at the Dabeerpura police station under IPC section 153A (Promoting hatred between two communities) and equivalent provisions. Interestingly, Raja Singh posted the video in response to purported comedian Munawar Faruqui and his act in Hyderabad.

 Raja has been protesting against Faruqui’s show in Hyderabad and was even taken in preventive custody on August 19 to ensure he doesn’t disrupt the comedian’s appearance in Hyderabad.

Singh had published a video on social media that went viral, revealing that the ‘comedian’ had made jokes about Hindu gods and should not be allowed to play in Hyderabad. “Let them watch what happens if he is invited to perform in Hyderabad.” We’ll beat him up wherever the program is held. “Whoever provides him a venue, we will set it on fire,” Singh is believed to have said in the video.

Akbaruddin Owaisi’s Anti-Hindu hate speech: but he is moving freely

In his address, he was spotted making many jabs at Hindu Gods and Goddesses, as well as an open challenge to Hindus to survive if the police were to be removed for 15 minutes. He also stated that he will observe Narendra Modi’s rise to the position of Prime Minister one day.

Dear Hindustan, you know we’re 25 crores and you’re all 100 crores, right? Fine. In terms of numbers, you are well ahead of us. Remove the cops for 15 minutes, and we’ll see who’s more strong.”

While arguing against the Ram Janmabhoomi case, Owaisi insinuated against Rama and his mother Devi Kausalya in the same address. “Three temples in Ayodhya say that Ram was born there.” People in Haryana’s Kausalyapuram assert the same thing, citing the Indian custom of women giving birth to their first child at their maternal homes. People of Kausalyapuram believe that Kausalya, Rama’s mother and the wife of King Dashratha, was born here, and so Rama was born here as well.

AIMIM leader Akbaruddin Owaisi: “Woh kya kya puja karte hai…Ram, Lakshman, Durga, Laxmi…kitne hai?..har 8 din mai ek naya paida ho jata hai…yeh mubarak mehfil mai un manhoos naamo ko leker kharab karna nahi chahta”.

AIMIM leader Akbaruddin Owaisi : Ram ki Maa kaha kaha gayi…..inke Bhagwano ke tasveerein bhi badalti hai.

Repocurssions : there was never an uproar against owasi with regards to derogatory remarks that he made publicly but when it comes to the Muslim community within a few hours the entire public order of Hyderabad was disturbed. Violent slogans like “sar tan se juda” were spread over. Whereas proper court proceedings were followed abiding by the law in the previous case. 


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