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After asking for proof of ‘Surgical Strike,’ once again Congress Party humiliated and tormented injured soldier’s family in Rajasthan


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What are similarities between Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the ruling and only political party in China and Indian National Congress (INC), the oldest political party of India? Both political outfits do not hesitate to humiliate their own soldiers and gag the dissent the moment they raise their voices against injustice. 

On one hand, instead of offering gratitude and tribute, China ruled by CCP, insulted its slain soldiers—who died in violent clashes with Indian Army’s valiant 16 Bihar Regiment in the Galwan valley of Ladakh on night of 15 June—by awarding them anonymous death. Chinese are angry asking why no memorial service? A Chinese Weibo user posted on June 19–“India has held a memorial service for the sacrificial soldiers. It shows the high respect and attention of the whole country of India to the soldiers who defend the country and the land.”

On the other hand, Rajasthan Administration ruled by Congress Party, appallingly harassed injured soldier, Surender Singh’s family, because his father Balwant Singh had urged Rahul Gandhi not to play politics over the Ladakh standoff. Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, MP from Jaipur Rural tweeted, “After father of Surender Singh, injured soldier of Alwar district gave his patriotic advice to Rahul Gandhi, Rajashthan Administration reaches soldier’s house and pressurised his family. Have you started a soldier’s family to do your politics?” 

The episode started on 19 June, when Rahul Gandhi tweeted—It’s sad to see senior GOI ministers reduced to lying in order to protect the PM. Don’t insult our martyrs with your lies with hashtag of BJPBetraysOurJawans—using a video clip in which Balwant Singh, father of the injured soldier Surender Singh, had narrated developments on the China border, which he had received from his injured son. 

Such petty politics  by Rahul Gandhi didn’t go down well with Balwant Singh, who asked Rahul Gandhi not to politicise the recent violent clash between the Indian security forces and the Chinese army. In a viral video, Balwant Singh emphasised, “Indian army is strong enough to defeat China. Rahul Gandhi, you don’t indulge in politics in this. My son fought in the army and will continue fighting in the army.” 

As it has been Congress culture to suppress the voice if it is raised against any member of Gandhi family, Rajasthan administration ruled by Congress party started tormenting Balwant Singh and his family to take back his comments against Rahul Gandhi.

According to a news report in Dainik Bhaskar, just a few hours after the video of Balvant Singh went viral, the whole family has gone underground. When Bhaskar team arrived at residence of injured soldier to find out about them, the doors were locked. Police and administrative officials too had no idea about the family. Even the people in the neighborhood could not say anything about them. 

What can be more deplorable than an injured soldier’s family being hounded for having belief in Indian Army’s valour? 

India can not allow a soldier’s family to be harassed and humiliated by a political party for exercising freedom of expression. India is not Congress Party which doesn’t allow criticism against Gandhi family members. To protect family of an injured soldier is also duty of central government. Central leadership must intervene to make sure safety and security of the family. 

China ruled by CCP is a totalitarian state, which has no democracy and no freedom of expression for its citizens and for its press. China faced “Democracy Movement” which was student-led demonstrations calling for democracy, for free speech and a free press in China. To suppress protest, China sent as many as 300,000 troops with assault rifles and tanks on 4 June 1989. Chinese soldiers didn’t hesitate to butcher both demonstrators and bystanders in the process. Thousands of students in China were brutally killed at Tian’anmen Square

at Beijing.

India is a robust and the largest democracy. Congress calls itself custodian of democracy, but like CCP, it doesn’t allow democracy to function within the party. Most of the time, it is Gandhi family’s member, who is president of Congress Party. No Congressman is allowed to raise voice against Gandhi family members. Recently, Congress MLA, Aditi Singh from Raebareli was expelled from party and Sanjay Jha was removed as Congress spokesperson for exercising freedom of expression. Account of how former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao, a non Gandhi PM—who transformed India through the economic reforms initiated by him—was humiliated at his death by Gandhi family is available in public domain. Such incidents are uncounted. Ever since Rahul Gandhi became the vice-president of the Congress Party, the grand old party has lost almost 30 elections, but no one is allowed to question the leadership of inadequate Rahul Gandhi. Gandhi family is India’s democrats with an authoritarian bent. This is how Congress Party works internally.

Not the first time Congress Party and Gandhi family have disgraced and denigrated Indian Army. Congress and Rahul Gandhi both demanded proof of the Indian surgical strikes carried out by the Indian Army to destroy seven terror launch pads in Pakistan on 28 September 2016 eleven days after the attack on security forces at Uri in Jammu & Kashmir. Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam called it fake. Senior Congress leader, P. Chidambaram too asked for the release of video recording of the military action as proof. Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit had called then Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat “Sadak Ka Gunda,” goons on the streets on June 2017. Now, Rajasthan Congress is targeting an injured soldier, Surender Singh’s family, just because his father asked Rahul Gandhi not to demoralise Indian Army. 

Congress Party and Gandhi family must remember that India is not Congress, and soldiers of Indian Army are not Congress Party workers. A strict action must be taken against those who intimidated injured soldier’s father to take back his comment when he showed trust in Indian Army and asked Rahul Gandhi not to politicise martyrdom of soldiers. 


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