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A ‘Pervert’ Celebrity asks an ABSURD question to Golden Boy Neeraj Chopra; is this the way we treat our Heroes?


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Neeraj Chopra has taken the world by storm once he won the Olympics gold medal in Tokyo this year. He was the first Indian ever to win a Gold medal in Athletics. As expected, there has been a lot of rewards and praise on him and he is getting rave reception around the country. He has become a hero not for our generations, but to future generations as well.

He very well deserved all these accolades and attention, as he has proved how strong determination, strict discipline can turn around the life of a person. Also, since he landed in India, he is showing exemplary maturity and restrain while interacting with media and in his public presence. However, many times he has to deal with strange questions from the media and other personalities.

Absurd question asked to Neeraj Chopra
In a recent event, the ‘famous’ Art historian and curator Rajeev Sethi asked Neeraj Chopra a very absurd and personal question, which made Neeraj Chopra not only very uncomfortable but disappointed as well. Rajeev Sethi got hammered by people on social media for asking such an insensitive and perverted question.

Question on Neeraj Chopra’s Sex Life
What a beautiful young man you are, crores of Indians want to ask you this one thing, but are hesitant, how do you balance your athletic training with your sex life. I know this is a silly question, but at the same time, it is also a serious question.

Neeraj Chopra responded with Dignity
Neeraj Chopra tried to get away from this question by simply saying sorry. He said again, ‘Sorry sir, I said sorry, you can understand my answer from this.’ The pervert Rajeev Sethi did not stop here, he asked, how young athletes who are young athletes balance their training and sex life.

The interviewer stopped Rajiv Sethi and said, ‘Neeraj does not want to answer this question.’ To this Rajiv said, I knew, ‘Excuse me for asking this question.’ In the end, Neeraj said, ‘Sir, your question filled my mind, by the way, but please.’

Can’t we treat our Heroes with Dignity?

This is extremely important to pay respect to our Heroes, who are bringing laurels to our country, providing us moments of cherishing and pride. We failed to understand, why these pervert celebrities consider everyone just like them and ask such below-the-belt questions.

Radio jockey Malishka Mendonsa and her team at Red FM are facing widespread criticism for a video that shows them dancing in front of Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra before an online interview.

Reactions to the video were overwhelmingly negative, with several Twitter users pointing out that not only was the dancing unprofessional, it would have also been slammed as sexist, had gender roles been reversed.  

Here the simple question is, why can’t we treat our Heroes with dignity and respect? Why it is required to bring sex, gender, and personal issues in simple interactions?

Such absurd behavior should be stopped immediately.


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