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A Hindu girl was raped by Muslim man in Farrukhabad


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In Farrukhabad, a Muslim man raped a Hindu girl. When the victim’s father and police officers went to the District Govt Hospital to have her medically examined, Dr Asma Begum, the hospital’s doctor, recommended the girl and her family not to undertake any medical tests or treatment.

A complaint has been filed against Dr. Asma Begum for failing to treat a rape victim in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh. A video of a doctor abusing and yelling at patients is making the rounds on social media.

According to accounts, a female police officer from the Maudarwaja police station area ran for the victim’s medical checkup at Ram Manohar Lohia Women’s Hospital for two days. According to reports, Dr. Asma urged the victim not to get a medical checkup. When he was caught red-handed, the doctor began yelling at people and breaking the phone of the person shooting the video.

An FIR against the doctor has been filed with the Director General of Health, and a complaint has also been filed with the Chief Minister. The Superintendent of Police has also been requested to provide the Additional Director General of Police (ADG) with a report on the entire occurrence.

CO City Pradip Singh and Maudarwaja police station in-charge Amod Singh also accompanied the female officer to the Lohia Hospital on the third day. On questioning why the victim’s medical test has not been done for three days, the doctor shouted at CO and asked him to leave.

On the DM Sanjay Kumar Singh’s orders, CMO Dr. Avanindra Kumar arrived at the hospital for an investigation. Then on the fourth day, the victim received medical treatment on the instructions of the CMO. 

Crimes are beyond any religion. Seeing a woman harming another victim just because the accused is a Muslim is an act that is the worst of its kind. It took more than 3 days for the medical examination of the victim ot be done just because Dr. Asma Begum created a hindrance in the process. This is one of the classic examples of how your post doesn’t define what kind of a person you are. Let’s just hope that she gets the punishment for such inhumane behavior. 


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