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9 Al-Qaeda Terrorists arrested from Communist-Jihadi hotbeds Kerala and West Bengal


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In a major development, Nine Al-Qaeda terrorists were arrested this morning as multiple raids were conducted by NIA in Communist-Jihadi hotbeds Kerala and Bengal. The raids were carried out in West Bengal’s Murshidabad and Kerala’s Ernakulam.

It is said that NIA had learned about an inter-state module of Al-Qaeda operatives at various locations in India, including West-Bengal and Kerala. NIA was monitoring their movements and digital imprints, and it is said that this group was planning to execute some terrorist attacks at important locations across India, with the sole objective of killing innocent and strike terror.

As per NIA, six terrorists were arrested from Bengal, while three terrorists were arrested from Kerala in the early morning raids. A large number of incriminating materials including digital devices, Jihadi literature, and documents, sharp weapons, country-made firearms, a locally fabricated body armor, articles and literature used for making home-made explosive devices have been seized from their possession.

These individuals were radicalized by Pakistan-based Al-Qaeda terrorists on social media and were motivated to undertake attacks at multiple places,” including Delhi-NCR.

It is a known fact that Kerala and West Bengal have been ruled by the Communist regime for decades. Communists have created a deadly combination with Jihadi elements and they are creating havoc for the local population. On one hand, West Bengal’s Malda is known as the breeding ground for the Terrorism, Drugs smuggling, and counterfeit currency circulation, on other hand Kerala has gained the disrepute of being the state producing most number of youth joining dreaded terrorist organizations like ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Modi Government should take action to destroy this nexus of Communists and Jihadis.


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