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Kodava warriors defeated Tipu Sultan several times proving he was neither tiger nor a lion of Mysore

Kodavas are a warrior race, who defeated Tipu Sultan 31 times, despite being three times outnumbered. Even after independence, Kodava warriors continued to fight...

Why Muslims in India take pride in associating themselves with Islamic Invaders like Babur, Tipu Sultan, and Aurangzeb?

A few years back, a controversy erupted when the then Congress government of Karnataka decided to celebrate Tipu Jayanti on 10th November. It was...

Seperating Facts from fiction: Tipu Sultan & his atrocities on Hindus

Tipu Sultan: Separating Fact from Fiction The Congress-led Karnataka government’s 2015 decision to celebrate ‘Tipu Jayanti’ was met with statewide protests and condemnation from just...