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‘The Kerala Story’ : Expose of Cultural Ethno Genocide and Extermination of Communities by Jihadi Ecosystem

The Kerala Story, which is slated to enter theatres on May 5, reveals the intricate web of well-funded multinational cartel organisations that recruit women...

CHINGARI: A Global Campaign for Hindu, Sikh Girls Abducted in Sindhudesh (Pakistan)

The demographic change in population of Hindus in Pakistan has dwindled drastically from 12.9%  in 1947 to 2.14% in 2017. The concentration of Hindu...

Atrocities on Pakistani Hindus Continues- An 18 years old Hindu Girl Abducted, Converted, and Married to a Muslim

Pakistan always raises the issue of minority rights in India and accused India of having biased laws against the minorities (read Muslims). However, the...