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Meditation for World Peace

“In the hearts of people today there is a deep longing for peace. When the true spirit of peace is thoroughly dominant, it becomes an inner experience with unlimited possibilities. Only when this really happens – when the spirit of peace awakens and takes possession of men’s hearts, can humanity be saved from perishing.
— Albert Schweitzer 

There is a urgent inner call for peace rising up from the depths of the collective consciousness in the world. This inner desire is manifest in the mass rallies in numerous countries attended by banner-waving citizens begging for an end to war. This is the outcry that must be addressed if the world is to shift from a disharmonious, diversified, self-centered collection of countries to an integrated, harmonious and unified family of nations.

The only way to hasten this transformation is to release the stress in the consciousness of the civilian sectors of society. It is the weakness and incoherence in the civilian sector that is the cause of the outbreaks of war in a nation. The increase of tensions in society caused by the build-up of negative emotions emitted by a majority of the population leads to collective calamities in a country. If a nation has enemies, it is because it has reflected negativity onto them, and it is now coming back. The effect was created by a prior cause. An incoherent nation is more vulnerable to attacks from outside. When the minds of the citizens are incoherent, they inevitably make mistakes and massive violations of natural law by the population lead to an increase of sorrow and suffering in the nation.

Every leader of a nation is a mirror of the collective consciousness in the nation. Their actions are governed by the collective consciousness of the citizens. If the civilian sector of a nation lacks coherence, the actions of the leader will also reflect incoherence. The leader is a puppet who is completely under the control of the people he governs. Therefore, to transform the destiny of a nation, one must change the lives of it’s individual citizens. The individual is the unit of the nation. Just as a green forest is made of individual green trees, a peaceful nation is composed of peaceful, happy, creative individuals.

Consciousness creates, governs and constructs matter. Consciousness is the basis of all physical expressions. The physical universe reacts to individual actions. The universe is a living, breathing organism that is being constantly influenced by the thoughts, words and actions of every individual. To change the current state of affairs in the world, the focus must be the elimination of stress in human consciousness.

One strategy is to create and maintain a large coherence-creating group of 10,000 people practicing the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi program together in one place. This program uses the principle of the field effect. During the practice of Transcendental Meditation, the mind effortlessly settles down to experience pure consciousness, the self-referral state of consciousness. This is the least excited state of human awareness. Pure consciousness is a state of perfect balance in which the mind is in perfect alliance with all the laws of nature. It is also a state of very deep rest which releases deeply rooted stresses in the mind-body continuum. The field of pure consciousness is identical to the Unified Field of all the laws of nature that is the basis of the physical world. When large groups transcend together, the unified field of all the laws of nature is enlivened in world consciousness, spreading an influence of balance, harmony and peace into the whole environment.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation, said:

A delicate impulse at any point in space and time can create a precipitous change throughout the entire universe.

This technology of consciousness is a tried and tested method of reducing negativity, violent crimes and international conflicts. Scientific research has documented the effectiveness of large coherence-creating groups. During the period of three world peace assemblies approaching or exceeding 7,000 experts in the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi program (the square root of one percent of the world’s population at the time), there was a significant decrease in fatalities and injuries due to international terrorism. This study was published in 2003 in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation. The cost of one single war plane out of the thousands that the world’s air forces maintain would be enough to support a coherence-creating group people practicing a technology of consciousness that can reduce violence in the world.

The tense, disorderly, and highly aggravated mindsets of the leaders in the nations must be altered so that viable pathways to peace can be adopted. The shift from a focus on “I and Mine” to a focus on “Our Collective Good” will mark the beginning of a new dawn. Only then will leaders agree to a positive course of action which will safeguard the health, prosperity and progress of the entire world.



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