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Modi Govt asks FCC & IWPC to vacate Lutyens bungalows by 31st July

The Union government has asked the Foreign Correspondents Club (FCC) and Indian Women Press Corps (IWPC) to vacate the bungalows allotted for their offices...

Shocking – A Hindu man was lynched to death in Hyderabad for marrying a Muslim woman

A 26-year-old Dalit man, Billipuram Nagaraju, was brutally beaten and stabbed to death on a busy road in Saroornagar in Hyderabad, for marrying a...

Hindu shopkeeper claims Bangladeshi immigrants have wreaked havoc on Hindus; Muslim woman objects to “Jai Shree Ram” chants

“We are Hindustani. We live in Hindustan. Nobody wants to listen to us. These people are the outsiders. These Rohingyas have infiltrated India from Bangladesh. But all their concerns are given careful listen..."

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws: “Snare for Hindus, Jews, Christians, Shias, And Other Pakistani Minorities “

“Hindu teacher sentenced to life imprisonment in Pakistan”. “A brutal mob killed a Sri Lankan man in Punjab province of Pakistan”. “A mob has...

Sexual violence against minors spikes under Mamata Banerjee’s rule; the TMC matriarch resorts to character-assassinate dead child

While the country focuses on the capital city and the high-voltage drama in the Jahangirpuri area, it must not abandon the state that serves...

God’s Conspiracy

Mother's instinct and mother's love is a hardwired thing created by nature or shall we say God. It is on the PCB (printed Circuit...


Stone pelting had become synonymous with insurgency and terrorist activities in the Kashmir Valley. Continuous hurling of brick bats, stone chips and other sharp...

RYA MADRAS COSMO FOUNDATION celebrate’s Mahaveer Jayanthi with pledge to serve humanity

A number of people made their way to the Dadawadi Jain Temple in Konnur for the Mahaveer Janam Kalyanak Utsav organised by the Jain Maha Sangh.

Was it only Macauley ?

We have heard countless times how Macauley has ruined our education system, but do you know about more dangerous Alexander Duff? Literally, this Christian...

A R Rahman responds to Amit Shah with Tamil pride. Let’s talk about how his mother had insulted Tamil culture.

Bollywood music maestro and Oscar-winning music composer AR Rahman have received unparalleled love from the Indian audience, including the Hindi belt, irrespective of religion...

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